Friendship Day

Adopt A StarFriendship Day is August 7th and I can not think of a better day to do something special for my best friend, Susan.  Susan and I met when we were 12 and in middle school.  We went to different high schools but met back up for college at WSU.  One of my favorite memories is meeting at the Roto for dinner and spending HOURS talking about nothing over 7 pound salads.  In 18 years of friendship we’ve discussed many things, often the same things will be discussed multiple times and one such topic is the ownership or naming of a star.  Susan is a complete romantic and the idea of naming her very own star makes her giddy at the mere thought of it.  We’ve gone rounds and rounds about the best way to go about doing this so when I saw that we offer Name A Star Gift Set I knew exactly what to do this year for Friendship Day.  I love the fact that you get a beautifully done “star deed”(that I will of course frame for her), star details, a constellations poster, and various booklets about stars and astronomy.  I can’t wait to see what she names her star!!  I suggest “Amber-Is-The-Best-Ever’s Star.”

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