Wedding Trends 2011

Toasting FlutesHere is a list of hot trends for this year.  The list ranges from dress styles to venues.  Hope this helps with your wedding planning and enjoy!

Colors – All shades of purple, yellow with charcoal or black, coral, and of course the black.

Flowers – Peony, hydrangeas, Craspedia, Anemones, phalaenopsis orchids, kale, and ranunculus.

Themes – Vintage, Diamonds/pearls, romance, country/garden style, retro style 50-70’s, anything that winter inspired, and EcoFriendly

General decor – Mirrors, peacock feathers or even feathers in general, rhinestones, pearls, and lots of lace

Ceremony decor – Arrange patterns out of petals for the aisle, an excessive use of branches or curling willow with candles, and hanging individual flower bouquet along the aisle or attaching them to chairs.

Reception decor – Incorporating fruits and vegetables in flower bouquet and decors, use overheads like lanterns or simply hanging drapes/flowers/candles off the ceiling, grouping centerpieces, not assigning seating.

Cake – Cupcakes are HUGE this year, bold cakes, all white cakes (including decor) and 2 layered cakes are back!  Make them unique but making tiers different heights.

Bridal party flowers – Use of non-floral items for boutonniere and bouquets such as buttons, vintage brooches and paper/fabric blooms.  Incorporating succulents or kyle (non floral plants) in the bouquets.  Boutonnieres are no longer a must and can be excluded.

Wedding dress – Ruffles, asymmetrical seams, floral patterns, lace, sleeves or straps, ballgowns (yes they are back!) and my personal favorite, 1950’s inspired gowns.

Groom’s attire – Gray suits, no vests and more of a casual look, no jackets but keep the vest, colored shirts, and don’t forget skater shoes.

Unique ideas – Release butterflies instead of doves, instead of favors hand tickets out and raffle one big gift, throw in a surprise guest or an act (guests love surprises), create a photo booth, create a kid’s station for the kids to give parents a break and be more engaging in a wedding.

If you know anybody getting married, don’t forget to enter our Summer Wedding Contest! Great prizes for you AND the newlyweds!

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  2. Very informative, keep up with the good work!

  3. My sister is planning a huge wedding for next year. This is information she needs to read. I’m sure she will find it very helpful. Thank you

  4. Thanks, Luba!! It’s interesting to see how weddings I’ve been to this wear are stacking up to the 2011 trends!!

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