Here Comes the Mad Hatter?

Kama Sutra Bedside BoxI have a friend getting married in July this year and I am really excited for her bridal shower :) Sounds weird, usually I despise an obligated gathering where I have to chat with people I barely know. However our group has been close for about 20 years and the bridal shower has a theme! I am not sure exactly what they are calling it but it’s basically a mad hatter tea party. FUN! Not only to I get to buy her a fun gift (wink wink) but I also get to pamper my self with a ridiculous hat that I may never wear again. I am totally going to embarrass her and show up with the Kama Sutra Bedside Box, but will happily take any other suggestions for optimum embarrassment. What I really need though is some tips on really great hat stores in the area. Anyone know of any?

  1. Well, it was part of a costume, but I have what can only be described as a Fozzy Bear hat. It has ears, a chin-strap, brown muppet fur all over and, when worn, makes me look like some crazy alien 70’s rocker. I will wear it, on occasion, just for fun and it always gets laughs. Plus, it goes with just about any other costume (or Mad-Hatter Party)!


  2. A Mad Hatter themed party sounds like a lot of fun!! Now I kinda want to do it myself!! Do you think I can have a Very Merry Un-Birthday Party and still get gifts? I think I’m going to give it a try… I will keep my eyes open for fun hats, just in case=)

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