Featured Employee: Amber Burkhart

This month our featured employee is Amber Burkhart! Amber is a part of our amazing Customer Service Department, so she’s a busy bee! Thanks for taking time out to talk with us, Amber!

How long have you worked for GiftTree?

Almost 5 years

What’s the best thing about working at GiftTree?

My peeps  :)

Where did you grow up?

Star, Idaho

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies & Cream

What is your favorite GiftTree gift to give?

I would have to say any of our wine baskets.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii

Any fun GiftTree stories or memories you can share?

All I should have to say is Christmas!! :) Just kidding!  I really like how we can get together and do our potlucks, try different foods etc.

Here’s why we love Amber:

Amber is just awesome. She knows how to do every thing there is to do for our customer service department. She volunteers for late and odd shifts and is HIGHLY productive. She is one of our employees with perfect attendance and is on month 14 with no absences! She has opened, closed, managed LivePerson and is our Tracking Queue Leader. She makes sure that we are able to get all of our packages in circulation delivered successfully while keeping the customer informed of what is happening with their gift. Right now Amber is working 1:30PM -10PM, our closing shift. This is a brand new shift we created to serve our customers that work all day or just keep different hours.  She is the first customer service employee to work from home exclusively! During the Christmas Season Amber works diligently to keep our tracking queue covered. As it gets closer to the holidays this can get a lot busier, she also serves our corporate customers by helping them choose the right gifts for their companies and helps process their large orders. We can rely on Amber to help in any area at a moments notice and we appreciate her! She is an outstanding employee and we value her strong work ethic! Thanks Amber!


  1. Amber is such a great employee, this is perfect for her!

  2. Amber,

    It has always been a joy working with you! Here is to many more years!

    Wendi Estrada
    Operations Manager, GiftTree.com

  3. Yey for Amber!! Miss seeing you here :(

  4. I miss Amber too! For quite a while, Amber & I were alone on the 5AM shift and we really became bonded. Even though I don’t get to see her everyday anymore, I am looking forward to seeing her and her family at the company picnic. I also can’t wait to visit with her little guy, Wyatt at Amber’s next dental appointment!

  5. Amber’s such a sweetheart. Last year when I sat next to her, she’d always lend an ear when I needed it, and always let me borrow her awesome peppermint lotion. 😀 I miss seeing her here all the time!

  6. We LOVE Amber!!!

  7. Amber is great! She’s always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I miss seeing her around the office! :)

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