Featured Employee: Ron Noble

We love our jobs here at GiftTree! We work hard, we play hard, and we’re a family. There are a lot of people behind the scenes who work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to make GiftTree the great place it is. In respect to our amazing team, we’ve decided to start the Featured Employee blog. This way, you can get to know some of the awesome GiftTree family members.

Our very first Featured Employee is Ron Noble. Ron sat down with us for a little Q&A session:

Hi, Ron! What is your position here at GiftTree?

Material Handler aka Fork Lift Driver

How long have you worked here?

I began during the 2008 Holiday Season and then joined full time in the Fall of 2009.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Camping, fishing, hiking, anything in the outdoors. I love dogs, and have rescued two of my three dogs. I also am a sports fanatic, and love the Portland TrailBlazers.

What’s your favorite food?

Steak Dinner

What’s your favorite GiftTree treat?

Fairlight Fudge Rainbow cookies and the Willamette Valley Sweet and Spicy Mustard.

What are you afraid of?


Describe life at GiftTree in 3 words or less

Exciting, Busy and Relaxing (depending on time of year)

Here is why we love Ron – Ron is a very good lift driver. He’s safe, conscientious and efficient. He works hard and enjoys working at GiftTree and it shows. He’s helpful, funny and a valuable member of our warehouse team. We manufacture a multitude of gift baskets each month and pulling the inventory is the first step of the physical process. It’s important that we have a strong employee in that position. During the holiday season, Ron’s area has up to 6 employees and works two shifts, so it becomes quite hectic. Ron does an outstanding job, day in and day out, of pulling product and keeping the pace. It can be a very tough job, and Ron does it exceedingly well. We enjoy Ron and value him greatly as a GiftTree employee!

  1. Ron is so friendly and nice everytime I see him he smiles!

  2. Ron also has a positive attitude and funny. Thanks Ron and happy to have you here!!

  3. YAY, Ron!! Keep up the good work! You do an awesome job!

  4. Ron is a awesome co-worker. He does an exceptional job:)

  5. Day in and day out, Ron is our lift driver extraordinaire! The warehouse would not be the same without him.

    John, Production Supervisor, GiftTree Warehouse

  6. You do a really good job specially on Christmas time,we appreciate your job.

  7. We like Ron! :)

  8. We appreciate all you do Ron and are glad you are a member of our team.

    Wendi, Operations Manager, GiftTree Warehouse

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