Notes for Mom

As far as mother’s go, I’m blessed to have mine in my life. While we’ve not always seen eye-to-eye on everything, she’s always encouraged me to make my own path through life and be my own person. She’s always marched to the beat of her own drum, but has made sure she’s been there for my brother and I, no matter what.

So, what do you get someone who is honors individuality above all else? You could get her flowers or chocolates, and while I’m sure she would be grateful, that doesn’t do justice to her personality. To reflect on her originality, I’ve decided that the perfect gift for my mom on Mother’s Day is the Jar of Mother’s Day Wishes. Since my mom is a constant source of inspiration for me, this will not only give her inspiration, but also something that will be a daily reminder of what a great Mother she is to me!

  1. This sounds like a lovely idea. Thanks for the tip.

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  3. I absolutely love this too! It’s such a fun, unique gift that doesn’t wilt like flowers :)

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