Easter Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Easter contest!

Winner #1: The pink foil egg is in our All-Natural Easter Basket! We had a minor glitch in our blog when the contest went up, and comments were not appearing. We fixed the problem quickly, but due to the glitch, we have two winners. The very first correct answer was from AK Stout on our Facebook page. You are the winner of the bunny basket! We would also like to give something to the first person who answered correctly on our blog. Congratulations to Stephanie! You will receive a $25 GiftTree gift card.

Winner #2: The ribbon color around the chocolate bunny’s neck that is put in two of our Easter baskets is YELLOW! We’ve drawn a random winner from the correct answers. Congratulations to Michael S., you will receive a $25 GiftTree gift card.

Winner #3: Congratulations to Amanda Moore! She was randomly selected from our contest post on our Facebook page. She likes to eat her chocolate bunny head first… and for that, we give you a $25 GiftTree gift card.

Congratulations to all. More contests are in the works (there is already one posted on our Facebook page) so keep checking back!

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