Easter Nostalgia

Sweet-Bunny-BasketRemember Peeps, the ubiquitous Easter treat? This is a silly question which I promptly confirmed by a quick search on Google Images. However, when I was 8, Peeps were pure, culinary genius (so were Pixie Sticks). Not too long ago, I thought it would be great to get Peeps for Easter. They were not the same perfection I had once experienced. Do you know what is just as good as I remember them? Chocolate bunnies with candy eyes. Can I tell you how cute I think the GiftTree Easter Baskets are? They are all in those sweet, sherbet colors of Easter with candy and gifts. They make me squeak with joy when I scroll through. Easter Parade is the gift I’ll send my mom. Sweet Bunny Basket will be coming home with me. All I will have left to do is dye a bunch of eggs (yes, Shawna, I’ll hide them) and Easter will be a complete trip down memory lane with yummy chocolates, jelly beans & lollies. P.S. If you’re wondering what to do with Peeps, Alicia recommends you stick toothpicks in them and microwave on a plate. The Peeps puff up (think reverse shrinky-dinks) and fight each other with their “sword” straws.

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  2. Interesting, always fun to learn something new, tho I’m not sure I completely agree with the point and view. Nonetheless, great share 🙂

  3. Peeps are best once they are a little stale. Instructions: Open the wrapper and use your super powers to leave them alone over night. The next day, enjoy perfectly stale sugary goodness. Warning: Never eat a snack of Peeps and grapes. The worst stomach ache imaginable will ensue.

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