Eggs or No Eggs?

Well, it is my first year with a toddler at Easter. Last year McKinley was so young I didn’t worry about what I should be doing for the Holiday. She’s obviously too young to understand, but I feel like I should start a tradition at this point. Do I have an Easter Egg hunt at home? We did that every year when I was a kid but there were a bunch of us at home. I always remember finding that one egg months later that we left somewhere too. I would really like to avoid that :) Do I use fake eggs? Do I take her to a community function? So many choices! Or maybe I take the easier route like I and a lot of GiftTree parents do forĀ  Holidays, pick something from our Easter Gifts page and take something home from work? Hmmm…. Ideas please!

  1. I think that real eggs are the way to go, its the tradition! With years passing and new technology around every corner I think that we loose some of the old tradition along the way. I agree with Brandy that what is Easter without dying the eggs? Newspaper is the best way of keeping the dye contained. Lol but how would you dye a plastic egg? Anyways those are my thoughts, and for the older generation I am going to send a few of the flower arrangements off the GiftTree website. I am loving the Easter Bunny Bouquet! šŸ˜‰

  2. Some of my funnest times growing up were spending an afternoon dying Easter Eggs. I couldn’t imagine using plastic eggs! But it was inevitable that my dad would find a rotten egg a month or two later when mowing the lawn. :) I think community functions are a good idea. The Easter Bunny usually shows up and how fun is that!

  3. When Jadyn was that little, we did the Easter Egg hunt at home with plastic eggs filled with goodies. I always get her a little basket with a cute fluffy bunny that she’ll love. Another fun thing we always do is get her those egg shells that are filled with confetti, those definitely appeal to toddlers :-).

  4. When my kids were younger, around her age, I took them to a couple of different community egg hunts, but I always found that it was a huge competition and not enough eggs for the kids. We started going to my Aunt’s house because she has a lot of property, and we host a huge egg hunt for all the kids. We use plastic eggs because we like to put different things in them for them to find. Typical stuff we use is candies, dollar bills, dollar gold coins, quarters, small toys, and usually we will put a $20 bill in one egg, and it’s always so fun to watch when all the kids are opening their eggs, hoping to get that ONE special one! šŸ˜€ Have fun, you’ve got lots of fun years ahead!

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