Finding that Perfect Gift

Inspirational Pencil Set with Free EmobossingEach year I struggle to come up with new fun gifts for my little brother. 12 year old boys are much harder to shop for than you may think! He is just coming out of the toy stage and starting to get into new hobbies. I always have to ask myself, what can I get that he is going to love and use for a long time?

It definitely takes some research to find that gift that he is going to be proud to show everyone and let them know that his big sister gave it to him.  I was browsing through our new products and found that perfect gift I was looking all over for..the Inspirational Pencil Set with Free Embossing! It is a great leather book complete with 12 assorted colored pencils, a sharpener and a spiral sketchpad with plain white paper. The best part about it is you can include free engraving! Most 12 year olds I know would be ecstatic to have their own personal notebook with their complete name engraved on it.

When I gave it to him he gave me a big hug and said “Thanks, sis!”. Now he has the perfect set up to  pursue his drawing hobby,  and he will have a constant reminder of his cool sister that gave it to him. 😀

  1. I bought this for my husband who doodles when we are in public places and he has nothing to do. His doodles are usually something beautiful that I would like to keep, except that it’s on a greasy cheeseburger wrapper. This is the perfect gift for the doodler in your life!

  2. I am trying to think of who I can buy this for. Love it!

  3. I love that gift, it brings out that “artistic” side out. I might have to order one for my little sister. Thanks for sharing your story.

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