What would you do?

This morning something interesting happened to me and I wanted to share it with someone.

Everyday for the past 8 years, I have taken the same route to and from work. When you do that the same time of day, day in and day out you come to recognize certain vehicles that you pass or follow. About 3 or 4 years ago I started noticing a man riding a motorcycle that I would pass every single day on my way to work. I was driving towards town and he was driving towards Ridgfield. I think I only really noticed him to begin with because he rides that thing rain or shine! I sometimes am ahead of schedule and sometimes behind so I came to realize our paths would cross at different times and he lives somewhere close to me. Ok now I’m getting nosy I know, but I have become fascinated with Mr. Motorcycle. So this morning I had to stop and get gas at a minute mart that is on this particular path. As I was pumping away I look over and Mr. Motorcycle pulls in! I know he recognizes my vehicle too. He went in the store, so I followed. I wanted to say hello! Or ask him if he needs a poncho lol but my lack of confidence took over and I said nothing to Mr. Motorcycle. Instead I stared at him.  So much so that he looked at me uncomfortably as he pulled away. He looked just like I imagined he would. I wish I would have had the courage to speak to him. I think sometimes our society teaches us that strangers are dangerous so it seems unnatural to come forward and speak to someone you don’t know. Why am I so fascinated with this person? I’m not really sure why to be honest. Next time I see him though,  I am going to say “Hello Mr. Motorcycle, you need a warm beanie!” Okay, maybe. I’m curious if anyone has had a similar situation. What would you have done?

  1. \Aloha mahalo Good Site and keep posting from Hawaii

  2. The only car that I see everyday is this lifted jeep with a younger boy driving it. He drives like a mad man! He cuts people off and speeds in and out of traffic. But with this guy I do not want to say hello, I would like to question him on where he got his divers license. Out of a Cracker Jack box? Lol

  3. Similar thing happened to me too. I would always see an orange Cadillac on my way to work every Wednesday driving on the opposite side of the highway. It always made me want to wave to that car but I was too shy :(

  4. Great stories! Shawna, if you ever have a chance encounter with Mr. Motorcycle again, you should definitely say hi!

    Every morning on the way to work, I see an older gentleman walking down my street, carrying a light that changes colors so he is visible to us drivers. I always look for the light (as I can see it before I can see him) and I got concerned when I didn’t see it for a couple of days. Finally, I saw it on the 3rd day, and I was so tempted to roll down my window and holler “Glad to see you back today!” – But I didn’t want to startle and freak out my anonymous friend! Maybe in a couple months when it’s actually light on the way to work instead of pitch black I’ll get to say hi! 😀

  5. In Portland, there’s a coffee shop next to a gas station I frequently stop at. It’s a pretty tight corner, and not much parking. Usually in the morning all the parking spots are taken. This being Oregon, where gas station attendants must by law fuel your vehicle, I found it possible to get gas and coffee at the same time while avoiding the parking problem entirely. It’s great to walk back to your car with a nice hot latte and slip into your seat out of the rain to a full tank of gas.

    But, it’s not so great to feel the station employees eyeing you jealously as they help impatient customers in the cold, windy rain. So now, when ever I stop, I ask them, “Hey do you wanna coffee?” Sometimes they say yes, sometimes no, but always “Thanks very much for asking!”, one guy even drinks decaf. What do I get out of it? Not much… maybe a great story of their stupidest customer last week. Maybe it helps my own conscience to not feel guilty. But the best reward was witnessing another anonymous motorist drop off coffee to one of the gas station guys.

    I didn’t ask him if he wanted anything that day. :-)

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