Starting New Traditions

When I was a kid, I used to love our holiday traditions. I’d always get my stocking on Christmas Eve, and it would ALWAYS have an orange and an apple in the bottom (which at the time, I thought was highly unfair, mind you – that takes up a lot of room). When I got older, I began to really appreciate and look forward to certain traditions my family would do.

When I had kids of my own, my husband and I came up with our own family traditions. One newer tradition that started a few years ago that we are really loving (thanks to my friend and co-worker Brandy’s idea) is going to the Christmas Tree farm and cutting down our own tree. It’s such a fun experience, and we always get fresh kettle corn and hot chocolate, visit the farm animals, then go out and hunt down the PERFECT tree. Now mind you, I’m very picky about my tree. So of course, my husband (and the kids) will ask me 27 times “ARE YOU SURE THIS IS IT?!” before they chop it down. Of course, I do usually change my mind, but they expect this.. haha!

Another fun tradition we have is letting the kids open one present each on Christmas Eve. This is so exciting for them, and the rule is, they can only chose by sight, not by picking each one up and shaking/feeling it. Of course, it takes them an hour to finally decide which gift to open, but it’s a fun experience for all of us!

I love all the holidays and we usually have a couple of traditions for each one. Finding new holiday traditions with your family is a wonderful way to share something special together, and make great memories forever. Do you have any fun family traditions you want to share?

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