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Sweets for Sweetest DayGuest Blogger: Mitzi Hathaway

If you are not from the midwest you may not know what Sweetest Day is. Immediately you may think it is a holiday created by the candy companies, primarily to make money. You would only be half right. It was started by Herbert Birch Kingston, a candy company employee from Cleveland, Ohio in 1922. However not for a profit, but to spread cheer, bring happiness to the poor, as well to those who were ill, and/or alone.

Mr. Kingston donated thousands of boxes of candy and small gifts to local orphanages, shut ins, those in hospitals along with those who seem to be forgotten by society. This random act of kindness spread throughout Cleveland and within 10 years, the city of Cleveland declared the third Saturday of October as Sweetest Day.

During the last eight decades, this movement has spread through the midwest states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin and beyond. With the addition of giving gifts to friends, family, co-workers and random strangers, along with the less fortunate.

While Valentine’s Day is a day for romance, Sweetest Day focuses on those people who make life just a bit sweeter, those who give your spirit a lift just by seeing them. It may be your friends, family members, neighbors or the casual acquaintances who always seem to have a smile just for you. Sweetest Day gives us the opportunity to appreciate the blessings in our lives while reaching out to the less fortunate.

Random acts of kindness are a natural part of my everyday life. I think it benefits the giver (me) as much, if not more, than the receiver. My philosophy is, one little action can start a huge chain reaction of good will, friendship and love. I have had the pleasure of also being on the receiving end of random kindness. It really does make you see people and life with a more positive perspective.

So on this Sweetest Day reach out to those who hold a special place in your heart, those who love you unconditionally, as well as those who may not have anyone. You may just make a new friend in the process. What could be sweeter than that?

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  1. The sweetest day should be everyday but wouldn’t it be nice to have an official holiday?

  2. I greatly enjoyed reading this article. It reminded me about many great people that I have become friends with over the years and all the ones I have yet to meet. However I know that sometimes even the smallest things help a person smile.
    Great work on the article keep it up. I look forward to reading the next one.

  3. Now I have a new holiday to celebrate! Thank you!

  4. what an interesting story. i never knew of this company. i loved the history and the story of random acts of kindness. i think i’ll browse and see what i like.

  5. I have never heard of the sweetest day until now. After reading this article it makes me want to start participating in the sweetest day each year. It also gives me inspiration to do more randomn acts of kindness for people. Thanks Mitzi for sharing this wonderful story.

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