August Review Winner

Here at GiftTree, we don’t like to toot our own horn. What am I saying? Yes, we do. We like it a lot. Toot! Toot! Even better, we love to hear great compliments from our wonderful customers. Congrats to our August winner, Michelle Monroe from Gansevoort, NY! Is this becoming a trend? Our July winner was from NY too.

I am fairly new to (maybe about 6 months) and I must say that at first I figured it would be just another place to order flowers for specified occasions. Well, has far surpassed my expectations! I have ordered several gifts and flowers for all different occasions and every experience has been fantastic. In fact, I have spoken with many of the recipients of these gifts and flowers and they have said how beautiful the arrangements have been and how much they enjoyed them. I love all of the different items you can order and many of them can be used for just about any occasion!

One specific experience that stands out in my mind was when I ordered flowers for someone who had been sick and while I was ordering, somehow the order went through twice. I only had one receipt printed, so I had no idea that the order had been doubled somehow. Not even 2 minutes after submitting my order, I received a call from an employee at, letting me know that the order had been doubled and they were checking to see if that was done intentionally or if we wanted one of the orders cancelled. I was very impressed with the level of service that was offered. The credit card could have been easily charged twice but the mistake was picked up immediately and fixed. Also, the woman on the phone was very pleasant and helpful.

Based on my past experiences with this company, I will continue to order from this site. In fact, I placed an order today! Thank you, GiftTree!

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