Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

I was flipping through the calendar the other day and noticed that some lesser known holidays were listed on it…Grandparents Day being one of them! I think that this day is easily overlooked, but in my opinion it shouldn’t be. Grandparents are awesome and we should celebrate them!

My grandparents are unfortunately no longer with us, however my kids’ are excited to celebrate their grandparents for Grandparents Day. They are making homemade cards and we are still deciding on the perfect gift to get them. One item we are considering is the Treasure Chest Gourmet basket. The basket has lot of yummy goodies for them to eat and they know their grandpa will just love the handsome leather trunk that the goodies come in. Another option we are considering is the Party Perfect Gift Tower. It has a good mix of different treats to enjoy and we know that they could re-use the gift boxes for lots of different things.

Whatever gift the kids’ finally choose, I’m sure it will be appreciated and unexpected. I encourage everyone to observe this special holiday, even just a phone call can make a grandparent’s day. After all, we wouldn’t be here without them!

  1. I totally agree with you. For the last several years I have not even heard it mentioned on the radio or even in casual conversation. The gift stores do mention it though. They will always have a few commercials on gift ideas for grandparents.

  2. I love my grandparents so much. I try to find the most creative birthday ides around. They deserve to have the very best birthday ever! Last year I got them a Hawaiian basket for a birthday gift. I also threw them a luau party and invited all of our family and friend. we had a blast. Thank you for these gift ideas as I am always striving to be unique.

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