Three Back-to-School Moms

As I watch and listen to mothers getting their kids ready for school I realized that they fall into three categories. There are the moms who are sending their kiddos off to school for the very first time. Those moms are a nervous bunch! Then there are the seasoned moms, the moms who have been sending their kids to school for years and they are counting down the days to sending them back-to-school so they can have some peace and quiet. These are the happy bunch! Lastly, we have the moms who are sending their children off to college. For those that will have kids attending school close to home, not much will change. But for the moms whose children will be leaving the house and attending college far away from home, the whole world is changing. These are the sad bunch.

Regardless of which you group you find yourself in, GiftTree has a gift that is just perfect for your back-to-school scenario.

The Sweet Nostalgia is a great gift for first time students. It is filled with all kinds of sugary goodness and presented in a bright cheery metal lunchbox keepsake container. A perfect gift for the end of their first week to let them know how proud you are of them or, if they got off to a rough start, it would be a nice way to put a smile on their face.

For the seasoned mom, I say buy yourself a wine gift basket as a reward for having made it through the summer with everyone running around all day. Might I suggest the Vineyard Select Wine Basket. It features a Washington wine from Avery Lane and you have the option to choose a chardonnay, a merlot or a bottle of both. After the kids are off to school, open a bottle of wine, indulge in the gourmet snacks and kick your feet up.

Lastly, for the sad moms. The Bag of Happiness is a wonderful gift to present your student with as they leave for college. The Chinese believe that happiness is five-fold: wealth, luck, prosperity, double happiness and longevity. Your college student will find five different charms in this gift that they can easily carry with them to remind them of how much you care about their happiness.

GiftTree wishes you all a safe return to school and a great year!

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