The 10 Day Challenge

I have several bad habits. One of which is keeping loose change in my pockets which eventually spills out of my pockets and ends up in couch cushions, in the laundry basket, occasionally on the floor or in the car. My partner feels entitled to any change found so I often end up without change for pinball machines, the coin-operated Elvis museum or laundry. This is very sad.

In response to this bad habit, I am going to challenge myself to stop leaving change everywhere for at least 10 days. Instead of keeping change in my pockets, I am going to deposit it in a GiftTree Coink! Funnel Top Piggy Bank. If I successfully complete my 10 day challenge, it will fund a day just for me where I spend all the change I collect on things like books and pinball machines. Wish me luck!

  1. This was a interesting read, Going to go and browse a few more pages of this site.

  2. Good luck Sarah!! We decided to collect ALL our loose change for 2 years and when we cashed it in, we had $1,600!!! It was awesome, and we didn’t miss it at all!


  1. The challenge for 10 days « - [...] feels entitled to any change found so often end without changes [...] rel = “nofollow” The Gift Exchange …

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