Chrysanthemum Day

They say that July 18th is Chrysanthemum Day. However, if you do a search for Chrysanthemum Day on the Internet you will see that Chrysanthemum Day is one of five ancient sacred festivals of Japan, celebrated on the 9th day of the 9th month. Since July 18th is not September 9th it is logical to conclude that it was the greeting card company that designated July 18th as Chrysanthemum Day. Regardless of the reason why July 18th became Chrysanthemum Day, it is still enjoyable to recognize such a beautiful flower.

The chrysanthemum flower has many different meanings. It symbolizes happiness, optimism, fidelity, joy and the sun. According to the practice of feng shui the chrysanthemum is believed to bring laughter, long life and happiness to ones family. If you are a wine drinker superstition says to place a single petal of a chrysanthemum blossom in the bottom of your wine glass and you will live a long, happy life. If you choose to partake in this superstition, please remember that there is a flower petal in your wine glass or the results could be disastrous.

Besides the aesthetic benefits of the chrysanthemum flower, it is said to hold many medicinal benefits as well. The flower of the chrysanthemum, minus the leaves, is steeped to make a tea that is said to be sweet, refreshing and has a nice floral aroma believed to cure many health problems. Drinking chrysanthemum tea while consuming greasy foods is said to help aid with digestion. The most popular use for drinking chrysanthemum tea is to aid in the prevention of fevers and sore throats or to lessen the symptoms once they have presented themselves. Western herbal and holistic medicine asserts that drinking tea made from chrysanthemums will treat varicose veins.

For me, one word comes to mind when I think about chrysanthemums – Fall. This is not surprising as chrysanthemums are the most popular plants sold between August and November. Everywhere I go in the fall I see chrysanthemums in beautiful hues of golds, reds, oranges, creams and burgundy’s. They are the perfect accent to fall decorations. Whether you decide to adorn your front porch with a harvest display complete with hay bails, corn stalks, pumpkins and a scarecrow or if you add harvest decorations to the interior of your home – chrysanthemums will work great in either location. Perhaps the Japanese were on to something when they chose to celebrate the chrysanthemum on the 9th day of the 9th month.

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