A Day in the Life of GiftTree’s Production Team

Have you ever enjoyed a product without appreciating the amount of work, dedication and passion it took for the product to be produced? For instance, I love to eat crab and used to take for granted how it ended up on the menu for me to order…until…I watched Deadliest Catch. I now have a whole new found appreciation for the sacrifice and commitment it takes for me to enjoy crab cakes.

I normally spend a great deal of my day interacting with our resellers and eFlorists, blogging for GiftTree and responding to our charitable donation requests. I had little understanding, or appreciation, for what it takes to produce our end product. In an effort for me to be able to have a better understanding of our products it was decided that I should spend a day in the life of our production team. Besides the fact that we chose the hottest day of the year for me to spend in the warehouse, it was an enlightening day.

I started the day working with Amy Edwards in our personalization area. Amy takes the time to make sure that every personalized gift looks perfect. She is an amazing bow maker and pays attention to the little details that I wouldn’t have thought about. Like making sure the GiftTree scissors, that are a complimentary gift with every gift basket purchased, are arranged on the gift just right and that the message on the ribbon is centered and spaced perfectly. Her attention to detail is impeccable.

After lunch I had the privilege of working with our production team as we assembled a couple different gift baskets. Every person on the production team took the same amount of pride in the presentation of the gifts we were assembling. When I was helping to assemble The Corporate Clincher baskets, I was putting the box of pretzels in the container with the cream colored side of the box facing forward. I really didn’t notice the difference and thought it looked quite nice that way, but one of the lady’s further down the assembly line came back and corrected me. She said, “No, no the black side forward.” She changed everyone that I had done incorrectly, when she could have just as easily not taken the time to do so. The last gift I helped assemble was the Champagne & Chocolate basket in the ice bucket. I was shown how to arrange the bubble wrap around the bottle and how to place it into the center of the bucket. After I had quite a few placed, one of the lady’s on that production line came to me and explained that the symbol on the neck of the bottle needed to be placed so that when you looked at the gift straight on, it would be centered. This time I had to make the necessary corrections to the ones I had already assembled. Again a very minute detail, but one that really makes a difference in the presentation of our gifts.

I finished my day in the life of our warehouse team yesterday amazed that every person on our production team takes the same amount of pride in the assembly and presentation of our gift baskets and they were not about to let me mess that up. I even came away with my own personalized ribbon, with my name centered perfectly, that I am proudly displaying at my desk.

I am very thankful to our warehouse management for letting me spend the day with our production team and for everyone’s patience with my presence. I think every GiftTree employee should spend a day in our warehouse so they can experience the attention to detail that goes into each gift. I know for me personally it made me more excited to tell our potential customers/partners that they will not find a better quality basket on the market.


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