Top 5 Ways to Say Thank You

A lot of orders placed at GiftTree are for thank you gifts. There are numerous reasons to send a thank you gift. Sales managers can send thank you gifts to sales professionals to thank them for a job well done. A sales person could send a gift to a potential client to thank them for taking the time to meet with them. Event planners can send gifts to sponsors or volunteers to thank them for their help. Companies can send thank you gifts to customers to thank them for their business. A thank you gift could even be sent in response to a thank you gift.

There are many reasons to say thank you, which is why GiftTree has an entire section dedicated to thank you gifts. We have thank you petit fours, thank you gift baskets, thank you balloon arrangements, thank you wine gifts and more. Actually, a large number of our gifts can be personalized with your message so I would have to say that the majority of our gifts could be thank you gifts. Just so you aren’t overwhelmed, here is my list of the top five thank you gifts:

1. Macadams’ Gourmet Thank You $29.95

This is a very popular thank you gift. It contains a bevy of snacks separated into eight individual boxes. When the boxes are all together, they spell out the words “Thank You” in large letters. The snacks in this gift are: Sugared Peach Slices, Spice Guadalajara Mix, Mixed Jelly Beans, Candy Berries, Toffee Peanuts, Sour Cherries, Jordan Almonds and delicious Island Mix.

2. Deluxe Thank You Gift Basket $54.95

This basket overflows with treats. It contains Bonbons au Chocolate, Gourmet Seasoned Popcorn, Roasted Almonds, Sweet Dried Cranberries, European Cocoa, Saraivanov Smoked Salmon, Herb Encrusted Crackers and much more. Not only does this basket contain a thank you chocolate bar, but it can also be personalized so that your thank you message will appear on a satin ribbon which accompanies the basket.

3. The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket $99.95

My list of top five gifts is definetly not in order. The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket is easily one of our most popular and my personal favorite. It comes with two nice red wines: Ironstone Old Vine Zinfandel and Maryhill Winemaker’s Red. This gift also comes with Grilled Antipasti Vegetables, Saraivanov Smoked Salmon, Signature Caviar, Herb Encrusted Crackers, Camembert Cheese Spread, Cranberry Twist Mix, Seasoned Almonds and much more. This basket can also be personalized with your message of thanks.

4. Penfolds Grange Wine Gift Basket $899.95

If you are looking for the best of the best gifts to say thanks, then this is the gift basket for you. This basket contains Leonetti Merlot, Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay, Artichoke Piquillo Bruschetta, Asiago Tomato Pesto Cheese Biscuits, Smoked Salmon, Signature Caviar, Smoked Gouda Cheese and much more. Oh yeah and a bottle of 2004 vintage Pensfold Grange, which is rated as high as 98 points by Wine Spectator.

5. Premier Selections Wine Gift Basket $124.95

If I was only able to use one word to describe this gift, it would be the word “impressive”. The container is impressive. The gourmet items are impressive. The overall presentation is impressive. Recipients of the Premier Selections gift basket will enjoy 3 bottles of wine: Kendall Jackson Chardonnay, Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon and Wolf Blass Yellow Label Brut Sparkling Wine. This gift also contains: Dolcetto Tiramisu Wafers, Aaron Bell Rosemary & Roasted Garlic Crackers, Auberge Camembert Cheese Spread, Hathaway’s Toffee Peanuts, Bonbons au Chocolat, Gourmet Vanilla Caramels, Saraivanov Smoked Salmon and much more.

  1. Thanks for the question! I consulted with Amy P, who happens to be one of GiftTree’s wine connoisseur’s, and she had this to say, “Chardonnay is the most favorable and versatile wine for pairing with wild American caviar such as paddlefish. The bright, refreshing, citrus characteristics of the Chardonnay provide a wonderful balance to the richness of the paddlefish eggs, which are typically earthy and buttery.”

    Hope that helps seal the deal!

  2. Great review about gift basket… Is chardonnay the best choice with caviar?Especially paddlefish caviar? DO you think french will enjoy that? I have to seal a deal with this french colleague 😀

  3. All of those gift ideas seem great! I’ll take your advice and get my parents one of those for their birthdays that are coming up here this month.


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