It is Better to Give than to Receive

Hmmmm. While I suppose there is some truth to that saying, the task of choosing the right gift to give can be very overwhelming.

The best gifts I have ever bought were ones that were never planned. In some cases the person wasn’t even on my list to get a gift for. I love it when I am out and about, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I see something that automatically makes me think of someone in my life – friend, relative, new acquaintance – and the first thought that goes through my mind is: That would be the perfect gift for that person. It is always an item that reminds me of that person’s uniqueness, their specific likes, their personality. And it always seems that I find this perfect gift when I am least expecting it.

This happened to me last weekend when I attended the Vancouver Farmer’s Market for the first time. It seems that our friends had been after us to go every weekend since it opened this year, but I kept sticking my head in the sand and refused to go. Then I heard that there were fresh berries and they were amazing…so I went…and that is when it happened. I found the perfect gift. We were walking along and there was this display that had garden art made from old rusty tools and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it…the most perfect gift. It was a very simple gift, a colored wine bottle that was melted flat so that it looked like a cutting board and it came with a color coordinated cheese knife. It was the most adorable serving platter for a cheese ball that I had ever seen AND as soon as I saw it an automatic connection was made in my brain between that item and the person that it would be perfect for. And voila I now know what I am getting that person for Christmas. I love it when that happens, unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often.

This whole experience got me to thinking. How do you choose the perfect gift for someone? Especially when the pressure is on because the event is right around the corner and you are running out of time. Leave us a comment and let us know how you select the perfect gift. And then keep your eyes open for a future blog that will list the top suggestions.

  1. Choosing a gift for a person I already know is pretty easy, since I know the persons likes and dislikes. However if it’s for someone I don’t know it could be difficult sometimes. Usually, I try to get an item that is pretty average for everyone to like. For example candy or a gift card. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jenn! That is another great way to pick the perfect gift!

  3. I like to buy things for people that I know they would not go to a store and buy on their own. I have gotten pretty good with my dad, he cries when he opens his gift every birthday or holiday. (He is a big softy behind the muscles) Most either have a sentimental meaning (Note: Dad’s tears) or an inside joke between me and the person receiving the gift (Note: close friends and a few family members) This way I know that it will mean something to them and make them think of me and bring a smile to their faces. (Although, they love me so much that the thought of me makes them smile anyway. lol)

  4. What a great idea Jessica! I think it is true that sometimes there are items that are begging for us to buy them and we have no idea why. Now am beginning to understand.

  5. We all have had that one thing you see in a store, but keep walking past it and then going back to it. The constant eyeballing of something is usually a good indicator that you SHOULD buy it. Once in hand then you can figure out who is the best match for it.

  6. I had never heard of Shuv-unda either! thats funny!

  7. When I pick a present I think of items that person doesn’t have but would like. I also think of their favorite items, colors and even places and get a gift that compliments them. Sometimes I get so stuck with finding the “perfect” gift that I just order or even make flower arrangment myself and give that for a birthday. Flowers are everyone’s favorite and appropriate for almost every occasion.

  8. Hahaha Rhonda, I’ve never heard of Shuv-unda but that’s great!

  9. Thanks Holly! That is a terrific idea and one that I have never thought of. Some of the best gift giving parties I have been to have been the White Elephant parties at Christmas. I have also heard them called a Shuv-unda party…as in the things you receive are things you would like to shove under your bed!

  10. Most of the time you “know” the person you are sending a gift to, but in some cases you may not know them as well as you might think. I love to get gag gifts! They are always a joy and MOST of the time they put a smile on the persons face that received the gift.

  11. I like to see what people generally have around them. Like with Rhonda here at GiftTree she has a flower wrist pad and a flower mouse pad so i got her a flower post it holder! I love buying people things when they don’t have any reason to get a gift other than just because.

  12. I usually do as Wendi.But sometimes it is hard to buy a proper gift for others.

  13. I think my favorite places to buy gifts are at bazaars and such too. You always come across the most unique stuff at those places. The Christmas Bazaar at the Expo Center every year at Thanksgiving time is a favorite!!! Thanks Kara!

  14. I am not a very good shopper when it comes to buying gifts, I never think ahead. I always pick stuff up on the fly ahead of time which are those “perfect gifts”; and then their are those poor soles who are left over, those are the hardest ones. I always try to find something unique and I love crafty ideas, which are easy to find at bazaars.

  15. My hat is off to you Sarah…I do not plan ahead very well! Perhaps that is why Christmas shopping is so frustrating for me.

  16. Those are the worst gifts to buy…the ones that are expected. It is so much more fun to buy someone a gift when they least expect it. No occasion, just because! That to me is really what the saying, “It is better to give than to receive”, is truly about. It just gives me a really good feeling to give something to someone when they least expect it! And it doesn’t even have to be a ‘big’ something. Ask Kari here at GiftTree…buy that girl some Post-It’s and she is flying high!

  17. Thanks Alicia! That is a great idea!

  18. When buying the perfect gift to give, I try to find something that the person I’m gifting would not buy for themselves. If I know their interests, I’ll choose a gift in that theme. For example, I have a friend who loves Marilyn Monroe, so for her birthday, I found an amazing framed picture that I know she’d never buy for herself (not when there’s diapers and groceries to buy first!). She absolutely loved it! To me, that’s the best feeling ever, knowing you made someone feel special with the gift you picked for them!

  19. I’m more of a spur of the moment kind of gift buyer. I find myself out shopping or surfing the web and I see something that I know someone will just love. Like Wendi says, it’s an aha! moment. I have a closet that I keep these gifts on hand for the next holiday or birthday.

  20. I hate when it’s expected to buy the perfect gift for a family member. I love when you run into something perfect and you get the instant connection. My family expects the perfect gift and it’s hard. I try to really listen to the person to find an intrest. The pressure can be overwhelming at times but to give a great thoughtful gift can be the best!! Shopping early has helped with the pressure of the last minute stress.

  21. I like to really think about the occasion and the person to come up with the perfect gift. I am more of a planner. It actually takes me a very long time to make a purchasing decision.

  22. I try to think about the person and their interests and needs before I shop but I too find that I have those aha! moments very unexpectedly when shopping. When that happens I just buy the item and wait until the next bday or holiday or sometimes it’s just a spur of the moment gift.

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