Remembering Dad

I remember when I was a kid, my Dad was my hero. He could do NOTHING wrong. When I was younger we lived in California and my dad was a huge fan of baseball. I remember going to the ball park to watch the Dodgers or the Angels play and how he’d always buy me popcorn and hotdogs and how much of a belly ache I’d have later that day. Those are still some of my favorite memories!

When I was 10, we moved up to the Pacific Northwest…as the years passed, and I grew into a teenager, my Dad’s love for baseball continued. He rooted on the Seattle Mariners and would be so excited when they won. I remember thinking how embarrassing he was – but, at that time in my life, everything my parents did or said embarrassed me! Eventually his infectious laughter and excitement melted me and, as I began to grow out of my teenage years, I began to get into the spirit of baseball with him. We’d sit together and watch the Mariners, so excited when they did good, and SO heartbroken when they didn’t make it to the playoffs. Baseball was ‘our’ thing, and it made us grow closer as I grew up.

Tragically, my Dad passed away unexpectedly when he was only 42 years old. It was a very devastating time and how I wish he was around today to see and enjoy his grandchildren, he would be so proud.

Recently here at GiftTree we got this wonderful gift that reminds me so much of my Dad. The Take ‘Em Out to the Ball Game is a baseball constructed of a map of America’s most famous ballparks. It comes packaged in a display case with fake turf and is such a great gift for any baseball fan! For the true die-hard fan, we also offer a mini-glove business card holder. It’s a genuine major league leather glove, only miniaturized at 6 inches making it the perfect size to hold business cards or any other small object. This gift is a home run! I’m planning to get this for myself as a reminder of great memories with my Dad and to honor his memory for Father’s Day this year. Don’t forget to check out our great Father’s Day gifts and pick out something for your own Dad to show him how special he is!

  1. OMG I’ve got goose bumps!! Thank you for sharing your moments with us and this gift is one of my favorite, too bad my dad is not into sports.

  2. You made me cry Alicia! This is a very sweet blog. My dad is also a huge baseball fan, however, I am not the good daughter that you are. I am not at all a baseball fan and could never sit and watch a whole game with my dad. 🙂 We did spend hours in the back yard, though, playing baseball. Dads are the best!

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