School’s Out for Summer

School is almost out in our area and while my son is thinking about all the fun he’s going to have this summer, I’ve been reflecting on the last year. My son’s school counselor is fantastic and I’ve decided to send her a gift to thank her. She started as the counselor for the students in my son’s grade in middle school. Then she bumped up to high school so she could stay with them through graduation. While that’s pretty darn commendable in itself, I can look back to the last year and think of several times that she went above and beyond.

Let’s see, there was the time during class scheduling for the next term that my son wanted to sign up for an easier math class rather than staying on his honors math track. His counselor told him absolutely not and took all the heat. Yay, I’m not the bad guy for once! Then, there was the countless times that she encouraged, almost insisted, my son do volunteer work to help with his college applications in a couple of years. As a result, my son’s time with the Boys and Girls Club has been priceless for him. And of course there have been times that, since my son is no perfect angel…well, let’s just say she’s been there for us all.

So this year, we’re sending her the International Beer Chest. Seriously, this woman deserves to have a beer on us! I hope she goes home after the last day of school and cracks one open while lounging in the sun in her back yard. Then, just forgets about all the kids she guides throughout the school year, and enjoys her summer away from the chaos we call high school.

Thank you to all the awesome counselors and teachers out there. Have a great summer!

  1. Oh,so interesting it seems.Hope the teacher enjoy the gifts.

  2. All the very best for all the students…

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