Alcohol May Help Fight Weight Gain in Women

The next time you reach for a glass of wine or send one of our fabulous wine gifts, you may be comforted to know that a recent, long-term study found that women of a normal weight who consume alcohol in moderation appear to gain less weight over time than nondrinkers.

The thirteen year study of over 19,000 women yielded surprising results since alcohol, with its high caloric density, is typically considered to be a culprit of weight gain. Nearly all women in the study gained weight over time, with those who did not drink gaining an average of eight pounds. What I love and find fascinating about this study, however, is that the women who drank 30 to 40 grams of alcohol a day – or the equivalent of three to four glasses of wine – gained the least. The effect carried across all categories of alcohol, though red wine did show the strongest link to less weight gain. Socioeconomic status did not appear to be a factor in the results.

Of course the publishers of the study issued adamant warnings about the dangers of regularly consuming alcohol in excess, but nonetheless the findings are of comfort for us girls who enjoy a few glasses of wine on a Saturday night. Cheers!

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