Father’s Day Contest

Dads are pretty special guys. I know my dad has been there for me over the years. Yeah, of course with money, but in other ways too. Like the time he had my back when I stood up for myself, but thought I was going to be in trouble. Or the time I wanted to go to a concert across the state with a van full of people and he actually let me go. Or the time that it was snowing and for some unknown reason, I lost all confidence in driving in the bad weather, so he drove 25 minutes to my house to take me where I needed to go. Seriously, dads have a way of showing up for you when you need them.

This Father’s Day, GiftTree would like to help you say, “Happy Father’s Day” to your dad. Tell us why your dad is the best or what you appreciate about him. My dad? I appreciate that he has always accepted me and supported me in my decisions. It didn’t matter if he really thought I was crazy for buying that fixer upper, going to that school or dating that one guy. If I made a decision, he was on board. That has always made it easier to take calculated risks and proceed in life with less fear. I knew I already had someone in my corner. So thanks, Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

Now it’s you’re turn. Leave your comment below and you’ll get extra brownie points if you post your entry on GiftTree’s Facebook page too. The winning Dad will receive a $50 GiftTree gift card. We’ll also send the winner a GiftTree t-shirt as our thanks for joining us in celebrating dads. Enter as many times as you want, but it must be for different dads (Dad, Stepdad, Granddad, Dad to your kids…we heart all dads!)

The deadline is midnight (PST) Tuesday, June 15th. Prizes will be sent to US addresses only. The winner will be selected by GiftTree’s Blog Team and will be notified by email. Both winner and winning dad will be announced in a follow up blog post.

For a sneak peak, check out GiftTree’s Father’s Day Gifts.

  1. Sweet, that’s exactly what I was looking for! You just saved me alot of work 🙂

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  3. I am nominating my dad who raised my sisters and myself since we were all young. He was the kind of dad who always put us first and was always there to listen to us. I remember him staying up late at night, after a long day at work, making dozens and dozens of cookies for everything from Girl Scouts to a homeroom party. He always helped us to believe in ourselves and when we made mistakes, he always made us feel as if it was something everybody does. He was strict when it came to homework or curfews, but we always knew that it was harder on him than it was on us! Today he has Macular Degeneration and although his eyesight is fading, his loving heart is still going strong. I feel so lucky to call him my dad.

  4. Im entering my dad a Kind kind individual with so much heart

  5. My father is the best he has really stepped up when my family needed him. My husband and I have both been working long crazy hours these past few months and my dad has been there to take care of our sons and he even cooks us all dinner most nights.

  6. I’d love to nominate my Dad Bill for your contest. He’s the Dad to six boys and me. He’s one of a kind Dad and Grandpap to 27 grandkids. My Dad has always had to show my six brothers he was tough to keep them in line. Well once we were across the creek behind our home in a field we had set up with all kind of workout stations on our small farm. All at once my Dad yells, “Watch how far I can kick this ball over the creek to the other side!” So He proceeds to kick the big black ball. We tried to stop him but it was too late. The ball he was kicking was a big male adult black bowling ball our Mom had gotten at a yard sale. My Dad was very athletic so once he kicked the bowling ball it was up in the air flying. He still to this day has pain in that foot from I’m think maybe the world’s record for kicking a bowling ball with no shoes on your feet. Dad has shown by his actions time and time again to believe in what you can succeed in life. He has raised us to all become God fearing and loved us unconditionally. We all became professionals that serve our surrounding community because of our family ties. These days his health has not been the best and we cherish everyday we have to celebrate the great Dad we have been blessed with.

  7. Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad. My Dad is clearly the most selfless man on the planet. He overlooks the negative in others, brings out the best, and appreciates the good. When I was conflicted about which career path to choose after losing my dream job due to the economy, my Dad acted as a job coach and helped me to reprioritze my goals and get another job which I am most passionate about. After my boyfriend of 5 years broke my heart by breaking things off and then jumping into another relationship which ended in marriage to someone else, my Dad helped me to move on through embracing a healthy lifestyle that included yoga, self-help books, meditation, and journaling. The self doubt which I was plagued with seemed to vanish in record time. In addition, my Dad has always made his family his top priority and would put his career as a Doctor on a back burner if my Mom or any of his three daughters were in need of emotional support. In his spare time, my Dad also gives back to the community by working at a food bank, and the American Heart Association. Every now and then, my Dad will also help out an animal rescue shelter. Honestly, when my Dad was born, the mold must have been tossed because he is a one of a kind soul and deserves every bit of praise which I have given him.

  8. Aloha, My parents divorced when I was an infant and when I was 6 yrs old my mom remarried a wonderful man. He took us (3) children as his own. Raising us and teaching us many wonderful things that I will continue to pass on to my children. Not only him but also his family excepted us as a part of them. Later when we married and families of our own I fell on hard times, with no questions asked he again took not only me but my husband and our 4 children into him home. His love was unconditional! I can never repay him for what he has done for me and my family. He always say “I have no money to give,but I got lots of LOVE” and that what mattered most LOVE! On June 13, 2010 my father and my mother will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! I am so happy to be his daughter, most of all thanks for allowing me to share my daddy with all of you! In Hawaii we say “MAHALO” thank-you!

    Mrs. Ebenette Kala’au-Sausi

  9. I would like to enter my dad, or ‘Mr. Tenney’ as most people know him. He has worked so hard throughout the years to support his wife and 7 kids. He is loved by all who know him- especially the kids at the small town middle school where he is principal. He is funny, outgoing, and always there to help anyone in need. I can truly say that he is my hero and I am so proud (and very grateful) that I can call him dad!

  10. sign me up for this one, i know who would love this

  11. I also posted my entry on GiftTree’s Facebook page Carol P Dziuba

  12. I am most definitely nominating my father Pete. He has suffered 12 TIAs, which are mini-strokes, and they have left him somewhat debilitated, but he has retained his very sharp sense of humor and wit, and is still fun and interesting to be around. He’s very cool, he used to be an elementary school principal, and sidelined as a professional musician. He’s played the Waldorf Astoria, with Henny Youngman, and countless others. A really neat guy, I love him.

  13. I,m entering my Dad ‘who liked to take us swimming and fishing.

  14. Im entering my Dad. He gives selflessly of himself all year to UCP and the boys club.

  15. I’m entering for my Dad, Al. He’s the most giving and wonderful person. My Mom was very sick for a number of years and my father being so dedicated to her, took care of her, feeding, washing,etc. for a number of years. (She recently passed away) My father never complained and over the advise of doctors, opted to care for her at home versus a nursing home. In addition, my father also is very close to my sons. He makes sure that they spend as much time with him as possible and they look up to him and love him so much. My father is the type, that no matter what, he’ll help whoever may ask. He’s been there for all of us when times have been good and bad and often shares his wonderful wisdom with us. He’s caring, giving and loving and is a great role model for all of us.

  16. I am entering my father in law, Kirk Hawkins, because he has been so special to me since the first day I met him. He is a wonderful man, hard worker and an amazing cook. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Growing up not really knowing my dad had a huge impact on my life and my father in law jumped right up and took me in. I can’t say enough great things about him.


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