I can’t believe summer is coming up so soon. During the summer, our apartment transforms from a place where we keep the windows closed, eat soups frequently and have piles of library books readily available to something completely different.

This is the time of the year that I enjoy keeping fresh cut flowers in the living room. The Color Sensation Bouquet is so far my favorite arrangement for summer. The orange, blue, yellow and pink shades within this arrangement will add the perfect burst of color to welcome summer.

In the kitchen, the table cloth gets changed out for one with a summer theme. We have one with strawberries on it just for the strawberry season. It goes up right around the time we go to a u-pick farm on Sauvie Island to get our strawberries to freeze for the year.

All of the windows get opened during this time of the year as well. Usually I can either hear Spanish music, someone playing the guitar or, at times, what sounds like someone singing in the shower. A fig tree shades half of our apartment and with the nice cross breeze from having the windows open we really don’t need air conditioning. Our cat loves having the windows open too. She sticks her nose near the window so she can feel the breeze and enjoys scaring off the birds that hang around the fig tree.

After you have picked out your favorite arrangement of fresh cut flowers leave us a comment and let us know what you do to welcome summer!

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