Flowers for a Winning Mom

Congrats to Sisters-in-law, Stephanie and Cindy. Stephanie nominated her brother’s wife, Cindy, for GiftTree’s Mother’s Day contest and has won a $50 gift card for herself and flowers for Cindy. Stephanie tells us that Cindy has been through a lot and is more than deserving of a beautiful flower arrangement. We agree! We’ll let Stephanie tell the rest:

“I would like to nominate my sister-in-law, Cindy. She is an unusual Mom in this day and age – she stays at home and takes care of her family. When she married my brother 22 years ago, she had a 2 year old special boy who was severely disabled. She was told by many people to put him in a facility. He wasn’t supposed to live past the first year. Well she refused to put him in a home, even after she had 3 more children including twin boys. He lived a loved and wonderful life until he was fourteen when sadly he passed due to his health issues.
My other nephews are now almost teenagers and my niece in college. My sister in law recently faced another challenge – treatment for breast cancer. But she didn’t stop caring for her family or providing them with support. She was still making lunches, dinners, doing laundry and going to Little League games. Next to my mom, she is one of the strongest and kindest women I know, so please consider her for your Mother’s Day contest.”

Thanks for entering our contest, Stephanie. We hope you and Cindy enjoy your winnings!

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