Nominate a Mom to Win Mother’s Day Flowers

I can’t believe how many women I know who have either recently had a baby or are currently expecting. Really, I think it’s some sort of epidemic. There are babies coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. Ladies, you’re in for the ride of your lives!

As a mother myself, I can attest that being a mom really is like being on a roller coaster. From the novelty of soft “blankies” and smelly diapers to vegetables and learner’s permits, there is so much more to this motherhood thing than meets the eye. – Teaching our kids to share, play dates, ballet and soccer, report cards, stitches from a bike ride gone bad, chores, loud music, family dinners – Most of the time we’re just hoping our best was “good enough” by the time graduation rolls around. (Way too fast, I might add.)

This year, GiftTree wants to send gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers to one deserving mom and we need your help! Please nominate a mom who you think is a one in a million. She can be your mom, or your sister, friend, neighbor, running buddy, co-worker, whatever. We just want to know why you think she’s the cream of the crop. Leave a post here telling us about your nominee. We want names, people, but first names are plenty for posts. If you win, we’ll email you for the dets. And lucky for you, the person who nominates the winning mom will receive a $50 GiftTree gift card too.

Want extra entries? Here’s how:

1. Join GiftTree on Facebook and leave a post on our wall telling us who you think should win the flowers and why.

2. Tweet about who you want to nominate. Make sure to include @GiftTree and a link to the contest in your tweet.

Deadline is midnight (PST), Wednesday, May 5th. Prizes will be sent to US addresses only. The winner will be selected by GiftTree’s Blog Team and will be notified by email. Both winner and nominee will be announced in a follow up blog post. Please note: If the winning mom lives in an extremely rural area, a shipped gift of equal value will be awarded. Flowers may not be delivered on Mother’s Day.

Now nominate away!

  1. I nominate my mom. Growing up we didn’t have the best of relationships, most likely because we are too much alike. I never would have imagined that when I needed her most she would actually be there, and I was not an easy one to handle. She has supported me when I hit rock bottom, and while we never really had much of a relationship when I was younger now, me being 28, we actually have a relationship. Other than to say I love you I haven’t been able to get her a gift for mothers day because I am on a fixed student income. She stuck with me despite every wrong I did and helped me get back on my feet, and now if I ever have a bad day she is the first one I call.

  2. I nominate my friend Shannon Morrisson who is an exemplary mother to five children, the youngest whom was born with only half a heart eight years ago. Shannon has been courageous and has never given up hope. When her son was born with this rare condition, doctors were not hopeful. But Shannon has stood by that child’s side through thick and thin. With the help of numerous operations, he lives a fairly normal life and is so intelligent and compassionate of others that he is an example to all the other children — and even the adults — around him.

  3. My 84 yr old mother is kind 2 all and loves flowers so she would enjoy this win and I think she deserves it:)

  4. facebook fan and left comment that I should win but couldn’t put details because my daughter is my friend on there too.

  5. I want to nominate my daughter, Mary. She is only 19 and the mother of a 2 year old little boy. She is going to college to become a nurse and that little guy just adores her. It would be nice to send some flowers to her from him with Grandmas help.

  6. i am going to nominate my mother, patricia. she is a wonderful person. she can’t say no. she does for everyone and never stops to think about herself.

  7. Renee Weeks OarGiftTree : I would like to nominate my mom Rae. She has always been a kind, caring and loving person. When I was young, she worked 80 hours a week to support my sister & me for 3 years before marrying my dad(step). She has always been there for us no matter what and has never asked for anything in return. Now I wish there was something more …that I could do for her but I can’t. She was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer 2 years ago after having her colon removed due to colon cancer & has since been diagnosed with anal cancer. She is such a trooper & has such a great outlook on everything and a terrific sense of humor. Flowers won’t change anything for her but they are just as beautiful as she is, on the inside & outside. This will probably be her last Mother’s Day & I would love to make it the best one ever.
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  8. My mother, stepmom, sister, niece, grandma? I want to nominate my boyfriend’s neighbor, Nancy. She could lose custody of her grandson and it ain’t right.

  9. i would nominate my grandma Rose because she was there for me when i needed her.

  10. After her nursing shift at our local free clinic, my mother Patti returns home to spend her evenings caring for her invalid mother. She could use some flowers to brighten her day.

  11. I want to nominate my Mother Dolores,she is the most loving Mother and a great role model.My mother has had a hard life and never complains, she always made us feel secure and always gave my brothers and myself courage to succeed, and most important to feel Loved. She had triple bypass surgery, and got back up on her feet while personal tragic events were taking place, in her life.She just had surgery to remove a lung due to cancer.My Mother is 83 and she is a survivor.She still loves life and wants to go on and enjoy the years she has left, and we hope she has many.

  12. I nomiate my mom who has been the best mom a child could have. Her and my dad have been married for 52 years and for the past year she has stood by my dad’s side as he has gone through colon cancer treatments. She has never complained about the daily drives to the hospital or when he arrived home the 24 hour care she gave him. She never asks for anything but always wants to do things for others. I would love to surprise her with a nice mother’s day gift and say how much we love her. She always is there to help me with my children.

  13. i nomenate my mom, jenny killeen, the sweetest woman i know. she just had her fourth child this year on easter. taking on four children is alot and since i am the oldest i always help out. i thank her for the disipline i thought i hated but now know that without it i wouldn’t be in this place in the world. she has done so much for me and i am giving it back to her little by little in ways i can. i have subscribed to website for contests and tried to win stuff for her over the radio for her. no sucess came. she tells me all she needs is love. i honestly have looked through all of your mothers day items and many of them would pamper and make her feel like a queen. please if i win this contest i will be forever grateful.

  14. My own Mom passed away last Summer or you would have a different story completely. I have an equally deserving Mother in law that I would like to nominate.
    Val has done nothing but, be supportive of us since she knew we were getting married four and a half years ago. We have had some very hard times in the last year or so and she has been with us through thick and thin. Val is the type of mother in law that most women would dream of! She is there if you need her and she doesn’t get into your business otherwise! I know, you’re all jealous. 🙂 She has been there financially at times, a listening ear, and she’s very thoughtful. We love you Val(mom)

  15. I’d like to nominate Satsuki Morgan. Satsuki is a stay-at-home mother whom raises 4 or her on children ages 2-9. Even though she is originally from Okinawa, Japan she is not afraid to interact with the quite different culture of the United States. Her children are half Japanese \ Half American and she puts a lot of effort into teaching them both cultures and languages. Her children are part of AYSO, the Rockford Raptors Select, Kumon, American School, and go to Japanese School in Alrington Heights every Saturday. They have loads of homework from attending three different schools. She eagerly helps them with thier Japanese Homework as well as there American homework every night. She takes them to soccer practices (Three different practices for three different boys, other child is 2 year old girl). In between she takes care of the home, makes dinner, does laundry, etc… She attends English class and conversation class herself to better serve her children with English. She if very busy taking care of her children and supporting them in Country not originally her own. Her husband helps, but works during the day while she tends the kids. She does so much for her kids and really deserves some recognition.

  16. I would nominate a good friend who is a new mom to her newly adopted baby girl Madison. She is an amazing woman!
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. I would nominate a good friend who is a new mom to her newly adopted baby girl Madison. She is an amazing woman!
    Thanks for the chance.

  18. My mom, Dalyn, is the best for many reasons. The one that stands out the most to me occurred on March 13, 2009. I was in a serious car accident and airlifted to Iowa City. I was in the hospital until April 24. My mother helped to take care of my 3 children who were ages 17, 13, and 11 at the time. I had custody of them and was going through a divorce. I was also in the process of moving into a rental home. Because of the accident, I was on a ventilator and in a coma for 2 weeks. During that time, my mother made sure my oldest daughter made it to and from school everyday and helped my soon-to-be ex-husband juggle the schedules of the 2 younger children. My mom lives and works in Fayette and we live in Waterloo. She drove to Fayette every morning at 5am for work and then drove back to Waterloo every afternoon after work to take care of the kids, make them dinner, and spend the night at the house.
    I broke my jaw, paralyzed my vocal cords (I had a feeding tube because I couldn’t eat or talk), I broke my shoulder blade, 8 ribs, my humerus, had a collapsed left lung, fractured 7 vertebrae, and punctured my liver. When I finally got to come home, I was in a hospital bed and a wheel chair. My mom stayed with me and helped me learn to use my feeding tube so I could feed myself the formula they gave me. She would crush my medications so I could put them in my feeding tube because I couldn’t use my left arm or hand. She cleaned my house for me and continued to care for my children. She did not complain once during this entire time. She loved me and took care of my every need. She would try and get me out of the house as much as I could tolerate. Today I am healthy and almost 100% recovered thanks to her!
    I know all parents have an unconditional love for their children, but not many get the opportunity to show it. My mom did that and more!

  19. I would like to nominate my mom, who sacrificed so much for my brother and I. She gave up a career and left friends and family to move to a new country so that we could have the chance for a better life. Every major decision I’ve made in my life, she has been my rock to support me. When I’ve struggled, she is the one person I know I can turn to who will not judge me but love me unconditionally.

  20. Joined GiftTree on Facebook and left a post on their wall telling who I think should win the flowers and why.

    Carol P Dziuba

  21. I want to nominate my mother, Eleanor. Her life has turned into one of taking care of people: first her children, then her parents, and now her husband, my dad. She can’t seem to catch any freedom, and seldom complains or is negative about it. She loves flowers, she’s a daisy lover. I hope I win, it would bring sunshine into her life and home!

  22. I’d nominate my mom, Shirley

  23. I would like to nominate my mom, Joy Frahm, is extremely deserving of flowers this year because she is a mom of extreme grace and ellegence. She started out her journey into motherhood at the age of 18 and has sacrificed so much for her children. She really grew up with us. She has always challenged us to follow God in all we do and to reach for the stars. She has had many struggles in her life, yet still meets the day with a smile. She greets all new moms at SWWMC with flax packs that she feverishly makes with her mom. These packs are made with love and blessed for each woman that starts her new journey into motherhood. I think my mom especially deserves to be recognized and showered with love because today I watched her say goodbye to her father and place him in our Heavenly Father’s hands. I have been taught grace and love through my moms heart today and always. She truly is a woman of grace, and it was never more evident than it was today in her time of great pain. I love my mom and am thankful for being blessed with her.

  24. I nominate my mom, Christie Smith, who has over come so much in the past 5 years. I am very proud of her.


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