My First Mother’s Day

I’m coming up on my first Mother’s Day and I’m not sure what to expect. Will it be like my birthday? I mean the first few are really fun and exciting and then it just becomes another day? Or will it be something else? It’s weird to think that someone will now be appreciating me in this way.

It makes me think of all the mom’s in my life that I have appreciated over the years. Yes I said moms, you know you have them too. There’s your mom, you mother-in-law and your best friends mom, who used to scold you when your own mom wasn’t around. I know I have quite a few “moms” these days and I want to appreciate them all. So I started thinking about how I want to be appreciated on this day. Although I work for a gifting company, I don’t think getting something in a box is really what I am looking for (unless it’s diamonds). I think what I really want is to do something fun with my new baby. At this stage in life it’s not hard to get her undivided attention and I think that would really do the trick for me and maybe a thank you from my husband for 9 months of discomfort and irrational behavior.

This Mother’s Day remember to appreciate your own mom but also give that pseudo mom a call and tell her how much you appreciate her too. I promise, she will not forget it. If you are trying to find a unique gift for that very special mom check out GiftTree’s selection of lovely Mother’s Day gifts.

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