Remembering My Sister on Siblings Day

Ahhh. Siblings. Just the word conjures up all kinds of feelings and memories…

I am the oldest of three girls. Being the older sister has its advantages and its disadvantages. I am older and bigger, which was always an advantage during our quarrels and our stunts. Oh yes, girls do stunts too!

I somehow convinced my sister to get on the back of my bike so we could attempt to jump the bike on a homemade ramp that yours truly engineered. Now this wasn’t one of those fancy stunt bikes they have now-a-days…if it were we would have made the jump…trust me. Nope, this was a bike from the late 1970’s, complete with a banana seat and a sissy bar. Oh if only she had held onto the sissy bar tighter or, should I say, if only the sissy bar hadn’t broken! Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned. I landed the jump, but the sissy bar broke upon impact and as she slid off the back of the bike she gashed her inner thigh open on the jagged piece of aluminum from where the bar broke. And she cried. And mom got mad…real mad. And she still has a scar, not just any scar, but an ugly scar. On the positive side she has a daily reminder of me.

I love my sister, I really do. She lives far away from me now and I miss her. A lot. I wish she was still close enough so I could convince her to get on the back of my bike again so we could do that jump right this time…I know we could land it…without anybody getting hurt.

Maybe I should send her Thank You Cakes to thank her for being my sister, but mostly for putting up with all my crazy ideas.

Join me on April 10th and reach out to your siblings in recognition of National Siblings Day and leave us a comment about a fond memory you have about your brother or sister.

I love you sis!!!

  1. Hi Sister Dear…yes this is the sister with the scar. I miss you too! A lot! We had some good times, huh? Hide and seek anyone? I hid and here you come with a rubber band. Around the corner and pow! I got it right in the eye with the rubber band. I cried and you got in trouble! Sorry about that. Remember that? Well, to many more years with my sister! Love ya!


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