Our Hearts are Touched

As many of you may already know, GiftTree provides a free, valuable courtesy service reminding you of your upcoming occasions via phone and/or email. Many people all across the world have taken advantage of this service and send us emails from time to time letting us know how much they appreciate the service.

One email that we received recently was from a man that sent a bouquet of flowers to someone very special last year. His card message read: “Will you marry me?”

This year when he received his courtesy reminder he requested that we add a new date to our calendar…the day of their wedding anniversary! She had said yes! He went on to say that there must have been something magical in GiftTree’s flowers for her to have fallen for him and that he couldn’t thank us enough for our help in making it happen. Awe!

This year for their anniversary the Champagne & Fondue for Two are on his wife’s wish list and he said he isn’t stopping there. He’s also going to charm her with another bouquet of flowers to remind her of the day they made the biggest (and best) decision of their lives together.

GiftTree is honored to hear stories like this and we’re honored to be a part of your lives no matter what the occasion calls for. Thank you so much for making GiftTree what it is, because without you we would be wandering the halls aimlessly each day!

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  1. Gifting to someone is a nice idea. Sending these gifts will help in showing gratitude, love and show any of someone’s feelings. It’s to be followed to by everyone to be special.

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