Contest for National Pet Day

April 10th is National Pet Day and GiftTree is celebrating! It’s no surprise that we love our pets around here. GiftTree’s office area is dog friendly and on any given work day, there could be up to 9 dogs hanging out in offices or taking a break playing with other dogs outside. We blog about our dogs, we do an annual Walk for the Animals each year, and we even have a video or two on YouTube showing off our furry friends. I know we’re not the only ones. Dog owners are notorious for being head over heals for their pooches.

In celebration of National Pet Day, we’re giving away fun Dogsmarts games to 3 lucky winners. Leave a comment here telling us about your four-legged best friend. What’s his/her name and what makes them the best pet ever?

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Deadline is midnight (PST), Saturday, April 10th. Prizes will be sent to US addresses only. Winners will be selected using and will be notified by email. Winners will be announced in a follow up blog post.

Thanks for playing!

  1. I became a fan of GiftTree on Facebook under the name Lily Kwan/likwan.

  2. My four-legged best friend is my cat named Tiger. She’s the best pet ever because she’s so sweet and adorable.

  3. I have a 4 year old Dachshund named Larz. I love him so much. Everyone always wants to take him home because he is so loveable. He loves to play ball and would play all day if I let him.


  4. Princess and Hershey are my two Shih Tzus. They give me unconditional love every day.

  5. I’m following you on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

  6. Santa’s little helper.
    He’s very protective and loving.

  7. I’m a Facebook fan. – Chrysa K D

  8. Heidi is the best pet ever because she wakes up with suchch energy and love for life!

  9. following on twitter klp1965

  10. fan on facebook Kathy L Pease

  11. we have a chow chow bella and 2 min pins chico and paco and whats great is each one has their different personalities just like people.they are family and we love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Our pets name ia Abby, a long haired Striped domestic cat. Her ability to almost talk like a human has us amazed all the time. You’d have to experience her/it to believe it

  13. follow on twitter @lilshuga2001

  14. OMG!My shih tzu Spunky is the best pet I ever had! He is 4 and loves me to peices! He knows he is my world and is very spoiled!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. We have a Pug named Boog, He’s the best because he always puts a smile on our face. He’s so relaxed and chill. We also have a St. Bernard puppy named Bella, She’s the best because she is still a big floppy puppy. She falls at random times and runs into things!

  16. I have a dachshund named “Penny”. She spoils me as much as I spoil her :o)

  17. We have 3 pets and 2 foster dogs. All were rescues, one of the fosters is from a puppy mill, the other has to get medicine every day to prevent seizures. My four legged friend that was the best pet died in my arms about a year ago. Mikey was a foster from a chain-smokers home. He was expected to live about a month but with the non-smoke living conditions he made it about a year and a half and showed his gratitude every day and brought joy to everyone in our house. having been on the brink of dying, he showed us to live everyday with joy during his time with us.

  18. I have two little Shih Tzus. Jerzee, who is the mom and she is almost 11 years old and Harlee, her son who is almost 9. Jerzee is my running buddy, the best ever, never stands me up!! And Harlee loves to play fetch with his mini tennis balls, so cute. They are so sweet and I love them so much! Glad I have them in my life!!

  19. Our dog is a rescued malamute, Nannock. Her previous owners had been ordered by the police to give away all their animals due to hoarding. When I got her at 9 months, she weighed 30 pounds, had been kept in her cage at all times. She wasn’t housebroken and would go in her cage. She had no training at all.It was one of the worst cases of neglect I have ever seen. Now 6 months later, she has put on 40 pounds and grown several inches. She is housebroken, walks on a leash, knows several commands, including crawling across the floor. My son recently had 2 unsuccessful surgeries to remove tumors from his calf. One of the things that motivates him is to be able to take her for walks. Nannock is a very good dog, she may have had a rough start, but she will have a good finnish.

  20. My favorite dog EVER, Muffy, has been gone for a year now. I miss her terribly.

  21. Casey Jones is the best because he shakes your hand and never bites anyone.

  22. Our dog Pluto is the best dog ever. He’s a 10 years old Italian Greyhound that sleeps under the covers with me and gives me hugs. Thanks!

  23. I rescued a puppy this Valentine’s Day. Her name is Marla and she is just the sweetest thing! She is still getting use to socializing with people but she loves going to the beach and learning new tricks.


  24. What makes our four-legged best friend the best pet ever is that there are three of them – cocker spaniel puppies Obi, Cocoa and Jesse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Do I have to choose just one??? I have 4 of the best dogs in the world. Niqu and Loki are my oldest, then Belle, and our newest addition Beau. He is 9 weeks old and just a bundle of energy. I love to come home to all the doggy kisses!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  26. Well, I have 10 dogs: Miguel, Penelope, Patty, Mischa, Trisha, Delilah, Baxter, Minnie, Buddy, and Buffy. They all have their own personalities, quirks, ect. Some , like Baxter and Buddy, and Baxter and Minnie, hate each other, but most get along, and most all love the cats.

  27. We have a beautiful 3 month old Miniature Dachshund named Rosie Roo.Thanks for the chance.

  28. I follow through twitter (@jjak2003)

  29. I subscribe via google reader

  30. I’m a facebook fan (Jessica Wagner)

  31. I have two beautiful labs, Sage and Baby. They are the most easy going happiest dogs I have ever met

  32. Kouga was adopted from a rescue group. He is special because he loves to do anything. Today we went to the doggie Easter egg hunt. He had fun playing with the other dogs and picking up the eggs. He can get the plastic eggs open without breaking them, then he eats the treats.

    He also loves to dress-up. Most of little dogs dress up but rarely do you see big dogs do it. He gets so excited. Last Halloween he was a ghoul and won the contest and then he won the Jingle Bell Dog run contest too. He was a 100 lb gingerbread man.

  33. I have a new puppy named Roscoe – We love him – He runs with me a few times a week and we just enjoy hanging out and spending time together !

  34. We have two dogs. Pepper is a three-year-old female salt & pepper miniature schnauzer. Mitzi is a two-and-a-half-year-old female black & tan dorkie (dachshund and yorkie designer hybrid). They are the best pets ever because they’re our playful, lovable children — teeming with hugs and kisses. Just like humans, they make mistakes, but they’re oh so easy to forgive ๐Ÿ™‚ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  35. We have a Pomeranian that we rescued from the SPCA. He is a great dog. Everyone who meets him wants him for their own.

  36. My dog is named Nico. He is an endless source of amusement. He is a goofball and we love him for it.

  37. I follow on FB Reva Skie


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