An Apple a Day…

The Best Trophy with Free EngravingThe saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I don’t know about you, but I eat a lot of apples and I still have to see the doctor! Regardless of how many apples we do or don’t eat, when we need a doctor we are thankful to have them so readily available to us. March 30th has been set aside as National Doctor’s Day. This day was first observed in 1933 and on March 30, 1991 George Bush proclaimed March 30th as National Doctors Day.

Within a 9 month period my youngest son, Collin, had a ruptured appendix and bacterial pneumonia. On both occasions the same doctor was very instrumental in paying attention to little details that ended up saving his life. Everyday I am thankful for Dr. Mendenhall’s ability to really listen to his patients and to pay attention to the little details that can so easily be overlooked, yet can mean life or death for those affected.

Join me tomorrow in saying thank you to all the doctors that have touched your life. A great way to show your appreciation would be to send your favorite doctor The Best Trophy with Free Engraving. The trophy is made of solid pewter, stands 1.25” tall and the base can be personalized with the doctors three initials.

Thank you Dr. Mendenhall for saving my son’s life…not once, but twice!

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