Tree of Enchantment Ornamental Glass

Tree of Enchantment Ornamental GlassThe new Tree of Enchantment Ornamental Glass is a beautiful work of art. Each signature piece is created by a 12 hour melting process using broken shards of glass from a Seattle, WA supplier that makes windows for cars, homes and offices.

Stephen Kitras, a world famous artist, is the designer of this hand-blown glass orb. The internal stranding represents the tree trunk and the branches that reach out to the exterior of the ornament support the translucent tree’s leaves on the globe’s exterior. Truly a stunning work of art by an incredibly talented artist.

Stephen got his start as a glass blower in 1988 acquiring his knowledge and skills at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario Canada. His company, Kitras Art Glass, was formed in 1994 and initially he and his wife, Elke, handled production and administrative tasks; shipping products from their dining room table. By 2001 the company’s sales had increased to a point where they had to build a new facility to accommodate the growth. In 2006 Stephen’s oldest daughter, Sophie, joined the company as the sales and marketing manager. In 1999 Stephen suffered the loss of his wife to leukemia, but the vision that she and Stephen had for the company continues to flourish.

Each piece of Stephen Kitras’ artwork is an individual, unique piece of art making it a perfect gift for an art collector or someone who enjoys nature. The Tree of Enchantment would make a bold interior decorating statement during the fall and winter months reflecting light while hanging in a window and during the spring and summer months by dramatically adding to the beauty of your outdoor decorations. While the piece, by it’s nature, is weather resistant it is not advised to hang the orb in a tree. Each ornament measures 6″ in diameter and arrives gift-wrapped.

Get busy welcoming spring to your little corner of the world…either by adding the new Tree of Enchantment Ornamental Glass to your private collection or giving it as a gift for a birthday, for Easter, Mother’s Day…or just because!

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