A New St. Patty’s Day Tradition

Heavenly CheesecakeSt. Patrick’s Day is an incredibly fun excuse to pinch people, “forget” not to wear red so people will kiss you, drink green beer…but why is it that on a holiday like this, those that are TRULY Irish don’t get presents?! I have my own personal reasons for thinking that the Irish should get pampered, showered and adored with gifts on a holiday that came from their own roots. Especially since Irish people are so wonderful, amazing and gift-worthy. Personally, if I were Irish, I would be overwhelmed and feel so loved to receive presents on St. Patty’s Day.

IN FACT, I think the Heavenly Cheesecake would be an ideal gift for such a person. A giant piece of luxury that comes in three rich flavors capable of feeding up to 10 people (I say “up to” because, if it were sent to me it would only feed one). To keep up the holiday spirit, select the Simply Vanilla Bourbon Cheesecake flavor. It has a Chocolate Macadamia Crust and is elegantly wrapped in an edible green chocolate bow, hand packaged, and can be delivered right to the Irish recipient. Preferably one with flaming red hair, albino-pale skin covered in freckles, and writes awesome blogs for GiftTree. Money is also green and festive, and could be sent as a gift alongside the cheesecake.

Just sayin’.

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