We’re All a Wee Bit Irish

The Beer BasketAhhh…here it comes again…good ol’ St. Patty’s Day. I always got very excited for St. Patrick’s day as I was growing up until the day actually arrived. Oh I had good intentions, always promising myself that I would remember to wear green so that this year I would not get pinched. But every year it was the same story, it would take the first pinch of the day to remind me that I had forgotten my green! Ouch!!!

This got me wondering a few things. Why green? For that matter why do they even pinch people who don’t wear green? And what is up with those pesky leprechauns and green beer?

It turns out that a lot about pinching and green have to do with that leprechaun. According to Irish mythology he is an unfriendly fairy that lives alone. If you are lucky enough this St. Patrick’s Day to find this pesky creature he can lead you to his pot ‘o’ gold as long as you keep your eyes on him every second. If you look away, even briefly, he vanishes…and be warned that he uses trickery to distract you. The Irish believe the leprechaun can conceal himself with the rich green countryside in Ireland and that people who wear green are invisible to leprechaun’s. Legend has it that if you do not wear green then leprechaun’s can see you and if your are visible to them then they will pinch you. Ouch!!! Your friends are suppose to pinch you if you aren’t wearing green to remind you about the leprechaun.

Putting coloring in beer can be fun and interesting and green beer, well, it’s pretty. There really is no other reason for green beer. In Ireland more beer will be consumed on March 17th than on any other day of the year. As a matter-of-fact on any given day 5.5 million pints of Guinness, a famous Irish Stout, are consumed world wide, however on St. Patty’s day 13 million pints will be consumed!

Get started planning your St. Patrick’s Day celebration by ordering The Beer Basket, the Party Perfect Gift Tower and a beautiful Irish Wishes Bouquet.

This St. Patty’s day remember to wear your green, have some green beer, find yourself a leprechaun and get your pot ‘o’ gold!!!

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