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Blushing Love BouquetThis Valentine’s Day around 110 million roses will be given in a three day period. It makes sense, since roses seemed to be most attached with romance, love, and someone really trying hard to get a second date.

While roses alone can sweep a woman off of her feet, it’s a little known secret that getting a little more creative will score you some extra brownie points. If you’re scared-to-death about getting an arrangement that will get the woman of your dreams to say “Yes,” spoil your partner, or make your momma happy, you’re sure to nail it with any of these:

With All My Heart Bouquet

Definitely NOT just a vase of flowers. A big heart made out of eucalyptus leaves tower over romantic tulips, asters, red roses AND spray roses, snuggled together gorgeously (and finished off with a bow).

Gift Card Message Tip: Leave the time and place of your surprise dinner reservations.

Blushing Love Bouquet

If you’re trying to find the perfect way to propose, relax. Stargazer lilies and soft pink roses are elegantly hand-tied together and placed in a clear glass vase. Disguising your flowers this weekend as a bridal bouquet will be a memory she shares with her friends for a lifetime when she reminisces with everyone over how you popped the question.

Gift Card Message Tip: Include the message “Close your eyes and make a wish.” As she’s closing her eyes get down on your knee with ring in hand.

Love & Adoration Bouquet

Don’t forget about making a good first impression. No woman can resist the heavenly fragrance of asiatic lilies combined with passionate red roses and eucalyptus. This bouquet pops with color, and will say so much more than ‘you went out of your way to get her these.’ Impressive much?

Gift Card Message Tip: Waiting for the perfect moment to say “I love you” for the first time? Those three words alone on the card is all it will take to let her know what you’ve been waiting so long to say.

  1. I love the idea on the blushing love bouquet. That’s a gorgeous arrangement, lovin it!

  2. Those bouquets are gorgeous… and GREAT tips on the card messages!! :)

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