Start Thinking About Valentine’s Day Now

Ahem, boyfriends and husbands of the world. Now is the right time to begin thinking and ordering Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone. But it’s only January, you say? This is true, but please allow a gifting industry insider to tell you a few important benefits to ordering early for this very special holiday.

1) Ordering early will give you a tremendous feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment, so much so in fact, that you may reward yourself with a beer or three. You should know that ordering early does *not* mean ordering a gift and having it delivered today. Instead, you can order now and have the gift shipped at a a later date (yes, we offer this clever service).

2) The recipient will most likely receive better flowers. Valentine’s Day is by far the busiest holiday of the year for florists and they can become quite swamped with orders. When you order early, the florist is able to plan for your order, meaning that you will likely get better flowers as well as the flowers you wanted. If you wait until February 13th to order, well, you can just forget about giving your girlfriend her favorite orchid.

3) You will find a a better selection of good gifts and unique gifts – and often at a better price. All retailers, no matter how large, inevitably run out of the popular gifts as the Valentine’s Day nears. Ordering early means you will be able to give her something really special, something that she really wants.

4) Studies have shown that men who order early experience 94.6% less stress during the week of February 7th-14th. Because women have a keen sense for picking up on men’s panic during this week, women have been shown to be 98.99% more appreciative of the chivalrous, early-ordering man during Valentine’s Day week and several weeks to come based on thoughtfulness alone. Okay, I concede these figures are made up, but you know what I mean.

5) By ordering early, you avoid the dreaded “gift overcompensation syndrome.” Let’s say that you wait until the last minute or – gasp – wake up late on Sunday morning and forget the holiday all together. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself at a jewelry store in the mall handing over your debit card to purchase $3000 diamond earrings that aren’t even that big or of that great of quality all because you forgot to make a timely purchase for your gal. Now open your eyes, return to our website, and order her something beautiful. Easy!

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas for Valentine’s Day I found this website to have a few interesting ideas for gifts that I had not thought of

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