Holiday Traditions

Christmas is my absolute most favorite time of the year. I love everything about it… I play Christmas songs (starting the day after Thanksgiving), I shop, I decorate, I bake.. (ask the girls here, they remember last year ha ha). It just really is a magical time.

Growing up, I remember I was so excited on Christmas Eve, I couldn’t stand it, and I would literally wake my parents up every hour after 1:00am, asking if we could get up to open presents yet. They’d always say, a few more hours…. but I think Santa filled your stocking, you can open that! I tell you what, that was the smartest idea in the world… I got to open some presents, and they got to sleep for a few more hours!

When I had kids, my husband and I decided to go with the same Christmas Eve stocking tradition, it brought back memories from when I was a kid, and they always look forward to being able to run into the living room and see if their stocking had been filled yet. I usually wake up and hear them talking in excited voices, comparing their little gifts with each other.

Holiday traditions are such a great thing to implement in your family, and share with them something meaningful and special.

Do you have any holiday traditions?

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  1. Every Christmas Eve my whole family gets together at my parent house for the traditional dinner and sing carols. Then sometime after 25th and before 1st of January our relatives get together at our grandparents house for dinner. We have to ether memorize and/or rephrase a poem or sing a song in front of everyone and grandma gives us our presents. Lots of fun memories.. Can’t wait for this year’s fiesta.


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