Wine Gifts for the Holidays

7048a_Sonomas_Alexander_Valley_DuoIt’s easy to make your friends’ and family’s holiday truly merry with one of GiftTree’s high quality, elegantly presented wine gifts. Whether you are purchasing a classic wine crate for a relative across the miles or one of our luxury wine baskets to impress a valued colleague, we offer a wide selection so that you’ll be able to find the right varietal in the right price range, every time.

A wonderful quality about wine gifts is that they can be shared and enjoyed immediately or cellared for later use. Last year when I was not able to make it home across the country for the holidays, I sent my aunt and uncle our tasteful Sonoma’s Alexander Valley Duo so that they could serve it to the family for our annual Christmas feast. It was a hit! Not only were my aunt and uncle pleased to serve exceptional wines, but the gift made me feel there in spirit as many relatives in attendance later wrote me to express their thanks (and inquire if I could please send more – immediately!).

GiftTree’s wine selection this year is truly outstanding. From rare gems like Leonetti Reserve to time-tested favorites like Cakebread Chardonnay, our wines surpass industry standards in quality and value. Best yet, we go to great lengths to ensure that the recipient’s gift experience starts with an exceptional gift presentation and ends in the enjoyment of the very last drop of wine. Happy holidays!

  1. This really answered the facts, thanks!

  2. Nice gift idea! You can also choose some christmas decorations for gifts

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