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Engraved Baby Shoe KeepsakeI know I have talked about baby names in the GiftTree blog before, but I have a real  dilemma and need some help! With so many siblings we have come up with some interesting ways that we were named as kids, but Matt and I just can’t seem to agree on any names for our little one. He seems to like more traditional names while I on the other hand like a more unique sounding name. Regardless if we have a boy or a girl it’s middle name will be James so that is the only thing we have nailed down so far, and our last name, of course. We have also stuck to our guns on not finding out what the sex of the baby is going to be so that makes it twice as tough.
With all this going on I have been looking for baby stuff and really want to get the Engraved Baby Shoe Keepsake, but what do I put for a name? I could use all the suggestions I can get right now so please help me out here! The baby name books are just not cutting it. Thanks everyone, I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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  2. For all you GiftTree Exchange subscribers who have read this blog… I had a baby girl and named her McKinley James. I know I know why James? It’s my husbands middle name. It’s a family name for his side of the family. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will keep them in mind for the next time around 🙂

    Shawna Fuller

  3. I knew it–you were having a girl. thanks for making my seasonal holiday employment so fun. I hope to become part of the Gift Tree family in the future and best of luck to you and your family.

  4. I like Addison too ( call her addy) or Maddison.

  5. Hey, I just ran accross one that was very unique and can go either way for a boy or girl. You may consider Fallon.

  6. I like Scarlett sounds pretty

  7. Well Phoebe: (LOL) I like Hanna, Bella, and Emma, and Grace for a girl and for a boy I have always liked Jake, Justin, Bo, and Brady. Hope this helps. (connor for a boy isn’t bad either) – Please do not be like my idiot nephew who named his kid “Felon” – great future that kid has. But his daugter’s is cool – “Nevaeh” – heaven spelled backwords.

  8. ohh Alicia, I like the name Skye AND Scarlett. Cute! Nolan is cute too!

  9. I know someone who named their kid Abcdee – pronounced ab-sa-dee. It even made an article in the local paper. Everyone felt so sorry for the kid! So while I enjoy ‘different’ names, I don’t like names that are so unique that like Andrea said, they are constantly asked about it. I have a Connor and a Rylie. Not too common, not too out there. Names I would suggest.. For a girl – Jayla, Harlow, Scarlett, Skye, Kyra, Rylan. For a boy – Zane, Nolan, Hudson, Harrison & Roman.

  10. As a school teacher, I want to give you some very serious advice. Please don’t give your child a name that is so unique the poor kid has to spell it every time they get into a new class or sports or hobby group. It really frustrates young kids and teenagers to be constantly asked and to have their name remarked upon.

  11. I love Vanessa for some reason.. I’ve always loved Angelica but lately Vanessa has been my more favorite. For a boy, I like Artem. Of course it’s a Russian name but I LOVE it!!

  12. How could you tell us all that and not expect us to call you Phoebe Fawn from now on??? Haha!

  13. I really like Ava! Tristen has already been vetoed by Matt 🙁 I like Jayden but my brother got it before I could! My Mom wanted to name me Phoebe Fawn when I was born. Thanks goodness she didn’t! I like Aubriella too. Thanks guys! Keep em’ coming! The more suggestions the better!

  14. When I was born, my parents had zero creativity. I think “Jennifer Lyn” (with various spellings for Lyn) was the most popular name of the mid-70’s.

    I didn’t want my child to have a popular name. His name is Aven and so far, we’ve only met one other person with that name. One of my son’s teachers suggested the name Aven to a friend who was pregnant and she loved the name so there is now another Aven in the world.

  15. I really like the idea of a unique name….who wants the same name that tons of other people out there have!? As far as boys go I really like the name Connor for some reason. It’s so hard to suggest names because everyones taste is so different. As far as girls go, I love the name Ava. One of my best friends name is Amma Blessing, isn’t that original! baby names are tough .. i can’t help all that much!

  16. I’m all about more unique sounding names. There are so many Mikes, Johns, Julies, and Michelle’s that.. as lovely as all of the most common names are… I think it’s also nice to stand out a little, and have a beautiful (or handsome) name that isn’t heard AS often. Like, Jayden Abriella for a girl, or Tristin Carter for a boy. Maybe not those exact names… but you get the picture 🙂


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