Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Gift BasketMay 4, 2004… I will never forget this date. This is when I got the call from my mom. She got a call a couple of weeks earlier from her doctor. She had a routine mammogram which showed a dark spot. She went in to get a biopsy done to fine out if it was malignant or not. It was. She had breast cancer – but thank goodness, they caught it very early. She was able to get the tumor removed, and go through radiation. She’s been in remission for a few years now. She’s a survivor.

In 2009, it’s estimated that there will be 192,370 new cases of women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. That’s a very sobering thought. Ladies, make sure you are doing your self breast exams every month, and if you are over the age of 40, go get your mammogram!

My mother is a hero to me. She’s amazing and she’s a survivor. In honor of her this month, I’m going to send her something special to pamper herself, and to remind her of how strong she really is.

Here at GiftTree, we know how important breast cancer awareness is. We have a wonderful selection of Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts to honor the special person in your life who has been affected by this disease.

Education is key. I encourage you to stay informed and don’t forget to do your self breast exam!

(2009 estimates on breast cancer from

  1. Life is to short!!! Very important to do the things you HAVE to do to stay healthy. Even though we are all busy people and have lots to do , stay focused on keeping your health in order. Do the tests, see the Dr. BE SMART!

  2. What an amazing story!

  3. I remember when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 11. She was so amazing about it cause she was raising me and my two brothers, I don’t think we ever worried once–but that may have been more attributed to the fact that she’s this tough old broad who we considered immortal.

    Looking back now I see all the sacrifices she made for us at that time. Even at one point she was being overdosed on chemo, nearly died, and we were none the wiser. Such a tough lady…

    I need to go give my mom a hug now.

  4. Great Blog, Alicia. I think a lot of people do not realize the severity of something until it hits close to home. It’s a great idea to make other people aware of what possibilities are and ways to prevent it.

  5. I LOVE this blog, and I’m so glad that your mom is cancer-free! HOW AMAZING!

    If anyone needs information on how to perform a self breast exam, or just learn more about breast cancer, a really great site is

    It never hurts to learn as much about these things as possible, especially when it’s effecting more and more people, just like Alicia said.

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