I Love GiftTree

For every year that we work here at GiftTree, the company owner comes and directly hands us a gift and thanks us for the service we provide at GiftTree.  This month was my second year anniversary here at GiftTree and I can’t believe how time flies. Today, Esther came directly to me and couple other employees and handed us our gifts and oh boy, is it beautiful.

Last year I received a beautiful planner with my name engraved on it and this year I got this cool leather picture frame with my initials monogrammed on the top and 2 years at GiftTree on the bottom. I’ve never had anything monogramed before and didn’t even know how cool my initials looked till today.

Thank you Craig and Esther for the lovely gift!  I must says, this is truly one of the best places to work at. All my coworkers are friendly and fun to work with (I won’t mention the pranks they pull on me almost regularly) and the interaction with our customers is my favorite part. I truly enjoy being here!

  1. While I was hired on for seasonal work this year, Luba was one of my trainee/mentors. She has been a delight to work with and she really knows her stuff. I only hope to get on full time with the Gift Tree family as they truly are a one of a kind group. Thanks for making my holiday season so much fun.

  2. I take back my previous comment Luba!!! you tricky tricky girl you!

  3. Mindy! stay away from Luba. JK. Please dont TP my dest Laba. :)

  4. Wow! Luba has a lot of fans doesn’t she? :) thats what she gets for taping EVERYTHING on peoples desks upside down and putting a pound of TP in our cubicles. Wow, I need to start getting into these pranks….Luba, you should teach me how do be just like you! lol

  5. Now that I’m finished making fun of Luba, I wanted to add how grateful I am to be with GiftTree. All “sucking up” aside, this is truly the best place that I have ever worked. In my life. I’ve had so many jobs where it was never quite what I wanted to be doing, or the other employees were vicious, or… well, you know. Typical reasons that make you want to never get up in the morning.

    I’m still new here, but I have absolutely no reason to ever want to leave. It feels more like I’m coming to visit my friends every day rather than dragging myself out of bed to work. And that’s the best feeling ever. People are so close here, and I still have yet to find one person that I can’t get along with. (Except Luba!)

    Craig and Esther have made something really wonderful, and it’s crazy seeing what really goes into this kind of work. I have a lot of respect for everyone here. It’s just a fantastic place.


  6. I love working with you Luba! Even though you are the GiftTree Prankster!

  7. Dearest Luba,

    You’re the best! In fact, I’m thinking of what I’m going to do to get you back for throwing water at me yesterday while I write this.

    Enjoy your day while you can!

    And congrats!

    p.s, do you have any candy?

  8. I agree, Luba! This place is the BEST. Despite the pranks YOU pull and try to blame on others. 😉

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