Silken Luxury

After water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. There’s just something about the soothing aromas and the way your favorite cup warms your hands when you need to lift your spirits on a rainy night.
The list of health benefits from drinking tea is extensive, and all around the world people are finding new ways and reasons to enjoy the most natural refreshment on the planet.

The next time you’re looking to melt your evenings away, curl up in your comfiest robe and fuzzy slippers and reach for the Wood Chest of Silken Tea Pyramids. Inside a gorgeous burlwood chest are 24 silken treasures to delight even the biggest of tea connoisseurs. Each silken infuser is made of fine fabric and is filled with the most exceptional grades of herbs that traditional store-bought tea bags can’t provide.
Exotic blends come in flavors such as Peppermint Rose, Earl Grey, White Gold Tips, Tropical Dreams and Bombay Chai.

Add the finishing touch to this beautiful keepsake with an engraved plaque or choose an elegant three character monogram. The only thing you’ll need next is a long bubble bath and a good book to complete your state of luxurious bliss.

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