Good Karma

When my siblings and I were kids, I remember my grandmother always telling us to do good for others and others will be good to you. At that time I was still in elementary school and it was very difficult to be nice to those mean bullies at school. I always tried being a good girl, listen to my grandmother, and be nice to all the kids in class, but when your 9 years old, it’s not that easy.

Now many years have passed and I still find myself at times being a bit rude to my siblings. I know you can say they are your siblings you can do that, but really you can’t. I’m not saying I’m this evil person who is mean to everybody, I’m really not. Just on occasion, I get a bit upset about something and show it instead of letting it go.

When I saw our Karma Bracelet, I thought it was like the perfect reminder. Not only do I get to wear the stylish bracelet, but I also get to spread a little good karma.

  1. I like good karma better then bad karma.

  2. It’s hard to be nice to siblings sometimes!! lol…This is really cute though I should get it for my little sister!

  3. I love this post! It’s such a valid point, and I need to remember that same thing. Thanks for the reminder ;]

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