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Guest Blogger: Kim Purcell

My brother just turned 50 and I wanted to get him something special. In the months before, I had been to Key West and New Orleans on business so while I was there I picked up some things from each place that I knew he would like. I even shipped it off early so that it would arrive in time. Unfortunately, I sent it to his old address. Yes, he had moved and I didn’t record the new address in my address book. So guess what happened? USPS lost the box filled with goodies. (WHERE do lost boxes go?! I’ll probably never find out!) Ironically, my brother works for the post office and even that didn’t matter.

Once I realized what had happened and that there was no chance of retreiving the box I decided to try something different…. A GIFT BOX. I had orded from GiftTree before and the gifts were well received so I thought I’d try it again. I couldn’t beleive my luck when I discovered that you carry ‘guy gifts’ – the one I found actually contained beer and snacks…his favorites! My luck continued when I discovered that I was able to have it shipped express so that it would arrive pretty quick, the day after his birthday. Better late than never – he loved it!!

My present helped to make his big birthday celebration a success! Thanks! Now some friends are getting married. I’m going to shop for them – hopefully I can find just the right gift box for their wedding.

Kim Purcell
Grove, OK

  1. Yaa. That is very nice sharing. Love to hear again from you KIM.

  2. Stories like this one, give me goose bumps. It’s amazing how just a simple gift basket can make someone’s birthday so memorable. Thank you Kim for sharing your story with us!

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