The Perfect Gift for that Perfect “Someone”

Summer is becoming more and more well-known for being wedding season. Well, doesn’t that also mean that it’s anniversary season? What a coincidence! My very first wedding anniversary is in a few days!

(Disclaimer: This blog is in no way intended give any hints to the husband of the author of this article. Any wording or suggestive sentences that may be construed as subliminal messaging are a figment of your imagination. Buy Healing Spa Slippers with Amenities Bag)

I have randomly come across an incredible gift (Healing Spa Slippers and Amenities) that I haven’t really put that much thought into. I suppose that if an anniversary were coming up this might possibly be a very suitable gift for such occasion for someone.

Without going into too much detail about why Healing Spa Slippers and Amenities would be the perfect gift, I would just like to take a second to briefly mention a few good qualities of it. You know, just in case you were interested in making the woman in your life very happy by giving her the Healing Spa Slippers and Amenities.

The slippers are made of chenille and velvet with a microwaveable insert to provide the user (perhaps someone that you love very much and would like to be comfortable) with a spa-like relaxing experience in the comfort of their own home, car, or even work! Penetrating eucalyptus vapors and muscle-relaxing heat soothe achy muscles and relieve congested sinuses, and when the heat and vapors mingle together it increases circulation causing your lovely lady to be in a much better mood and possibly letting you play poker more often. I don’t know, just a random thought.

If the blissful slippers aren’t enough, included with it is a Verbena Amenities bag to bring a deeper state of comfort and happiness. A travel candle, Shea butter soap, moisturizing cream, shower and bath gel, body lotion… all assembled with tulle and a hand tied satin ribbon. These are things made for queens. (You really want to make the person who devoted her life to you feel like a queen).

I, personally, have no such interest in such a delightful and thoughtful gift.

Of course not.

  1. I too agree…. Love and affection is the perfect gift towards your someone very special. No one gift is better than love and care.

    Sofia Wilson
    HR Consultants

  2. To me the Perfect gift for anyone is love and affection towards your special one…it doesn’t matter what u give other than love and affection

  3. Great blog, Crystal! Happy 1st anniversary… 🙂 Me & the hubby will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary this friday.

  4. Who are you trying to fool? I know you had your eye on this gift ever sense you laid your eyes on it!

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