Sleep Sheep…Sleep!

I have got to be the laziest person I know. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s true. I love to sleep. I can honestly say it’s may favorite thing to do and would even categorize it as a hobby. No joke! So one of my biggest concerns with having this baby is my sleeping schedule. Selfish, I know. Instead of dreaming my day away about babies that sleep through the night from birth, I better come to this fight prepared.

I’m not big on those really loud, super annoying mobiles you hang above a baby’s crib, but I could go for the Sleep Sheep. This thing plays natural sounds and doesn’t have any obnoxious lights or Pop Goes the Weasel music. Plus, it’s portable. I’m wondering, has anyone purchased something like this? Also, could I get some feedback? How about ideas on how to get the baby to sleep. Anything, please!

  1. nice thinking i like it keep it up –thanks–

  2. say good bye to sleep Shawna because you are not getting any for awhile after the baby is born. Maybe he or she will be sleeping all the time, wouldnt that be so wonderful?

  3. I was just playing with this little sheep yesterday. Can’t believe how soft this lil’ guy is.. and I love the ocean sounds!

  4. Nice blog. Enjoyed going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

  5. I know my friend keeps her baby on schedule. Like at 5pm feeding time and this time you eat again and this time you go to sleep. She said at first it took a while to adjust but now baby sleeps thought the night great.

  6. I purchased the teddy bear like this that GiftTree used to carry. My friend had twins and she said it was absolutely wonderful and helped the babies sleep.

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