Expecting What?

So now that the cat is out of the bag at work I guess it’s okay to blog about my current condition. I found out I’m expecting a few months ago and kept it a secret until a couple of weeks ago. That was tough! Now that everyone knows, the biggest question people ask me is – Is it a girl or boy? Well, I don’t have the answer to that yet and won’t be able to find out for another month or so. After talking to my Husband about it we decided we just don’t care either way. I know you hear all the time people say things like “As long as it’s healthy we don’t care.” For us, it’s true. We came to the decision to wait to find out what’s coming until it’s here. I mean really, what if I’m told what it’s a girl and it’s a boy? Then I end up with a bunch of tiny little dresses and saddle shoes. What then?

This information has come as a shock to many of my girlfriends because I am always the prepared planner. Some people just go insane over it. My best friend yelled at me, “Why would you do that? What am I supposed to buy?!” I will admit, I think torturing others is half the incentive to wait, but the other part of me that wants to wait is not sure why. In a way I feel like I might be jinxing something if I find out.

Anyhow, for all you ladies out there, I have found plenty of super cute stuff that you could buy for a boy or girl! Like the Down on the Farm Baby Wagon Set. I think it’s super cute. It has clothes and toys for the baby, can’t go wrong! And so what if my baby girl wears blue or my baby boy has a pink shirt on. I have seen plenty of men with pink shirts on these days…

  1. It is fun waiting, you’ll be surprised at how irritated people really get at you if you don’t find out… ha ha ha! I waited to find out when I was pregnant with my daughter, and when they yelled “It’s a girl..” well, I will never forget that moment in my life, I was so shocked and so sure she was a boy. :) It was a fantastic moment. Congats again, can’t wait to meet him/her!

  2. Congratulations Shawna!! If you need a baby sitter, you have my number. :)

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