Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Cat

I adopted a kitten right before the holidays from the Humane Society. I think by now Jelly might be considered a cat. I never knew I could love a cat so much. I even researched what it means if my cat’s tail is in the upright position. It means the cat is content. If your cat looks at you directly in the eye and blinks slowly, it is called a cat kiss. You can even return or initiate a cat kiss. In the wild cats communicate mostly by body language. So here is a top 5 list of gift ideas for your cat from someone who tries to talk to theirs:

1) Good Kitty Gift Basket $39.95
This basket is filled with toys and treats. It also contains a brush, bowl, and a fancy collar. This basket will provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

2) Cat Treat Jar $29.95
This is a very cute jar that can be used to hold cat treats or people treats.

3) Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul $44.95
This is a great gift for a cat and their owner. It contains cat toys, a mouse scratch pad, a fuzzy pom pom tail, Almond Roca and Hathaway’s Sour Cherries in an attractive top-stitched red leather tote.  It also includes the book Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul.

4) Kitty Gift Set $29.95
This gift includes a very cute food bowl, 3 catnip toys, and a vinyl mat.

5) Cat PawPrint Desktop Frame $44.95
This gift is really a gift for a cat owner and not a cat. This frame allows you to display a copy of your cat’s paw on one side and a picture of your cat on the other side. This would be a great gift to keep at your desk at work.

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